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You quickly ran through the ruins of the city, the child on your back crying as you hurried to get out of the thick smoke that burnt his skin.

"Don't worry!"
You cried, trying to comfort yourself more than him.
"I'll get us all out of here! Your mommy too!"

The dark cloud, an aftermath of the bomb that had been dropped on here just moments ago, made it impossible for you to see anything. The crying of helpless people ringing in your ears as tears rolled down your cheeks.

You had to be strong.

You were representing the Red Cross after all.

The badge was ironed proudly into the arm of the jacket you wore, relief washing over the people who saw you run past. A sense of hope that they'll survive now raining on them. But not for you.

The heat burnt your exposed skin, the air blocked your lungs and the smoke pricked your eyes.

'I have to get them all out of here'

That was the only thing running through your mind as you sped up, the crying child on your arms beginning to choke on the thick smoke.

You instructed, snatching off the mask that covered your mouth harshly before handing it to the child.

The child did as instructed, holding onto you as you recklessly ran through fires and smokes. No longer caring about your wellbeing as you reached the group of people that you had saved before and placed in the clearing of the smoke.

The people cheered, seeing you run in with yet another successful safe as you placed the child into a woman's arm. Not even taking a rest before running back into the city to look for more survivors.

How long had it been? How many more Red Cross members were here helping get people out? Were you the only one?

Your questions had been short lived as a Red Cross truck roared in, relief washing over you as your comrades came into view. Melissa, one of your best friends running over to you with water and a fresh mask.

"You reckless girl!"
She scolded, typing your head back to wash off the smoke with water before placing the new mask over your mouth.
"Where's your mask?!"

You smiled, watching your team work on helping the rest of the survivors before replying.

"Gave it to some kid. He needed it more than me anyways."
You shrugged, letting her help you into the truck where they drove away from the smoke and into somewhere clearer. Melissa patting your back the entire time as others congratulated you for holding up for so long.

"You were the only member around here when the bombing happened."
Jack, another close friend of yours, smiled from the drivers seat. His eyes smiling at you from the mirror as you waved.
"You really spent an hour carrying people out of that hell. General will definitely be happy with that."

The team cheered, some patting your back and others hugging you as you panted, still catching your breath from all the running.

"That's great but will everyone else in there be alright?"
You asked Melissa who shook her head with a smile.

"Three more trucks went in there with resources and the team. They'll be fine and everyone you saved is now being taken care of."

A relieved smile etched onto your lips once more, resting your aching back onto the wall on the truck as you let yourself fall into a well deserved rest.

"You're reckless."

The general, your uncle to put it simply, sneered. His eyebrows furrowed as you crossed your arms over your chest in an unimpressed manner.

"If I didn't do that then they would've died."
You shot back as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yes. But you also could've died."

"It's part of my job."
You cringed.

The male sighed, walking over to you to place his hands on your shoulders.

"You're my niece. Your parent left me with the instructions to take care of you."
He sighed, worry in his eyes.

Your eyes teared up. Not liking the memory of your parents having died in the war after getting sent by the Red Cross to help a town that had been bombed.

Your uncle was caring. Loving. He was like a dad to you and you were like his daughter. Though neither of you had much time to see each other with him being the boss of the Red Cross and you having convinced him to let you be part of missions. But you still loved each other dearly.

"I know but I want to be like them."
You muttered as he stared at your eyes.

He always said you had your mother's eyes. Always wanting to protect those precious orbs due to them being the last memory of his beloved little sister. However, you sadly also had her cunning and selfless spirit. Something he wanted to keep alive, thus letting you join the team so he could get those little moments where he saw his sister in you.

"If I die then I want to die in honour. I don't want to die old and wrinkly because I spent my whole life running away from danger. I want to save everyone and live on with them until death catches me."

His eyes closed in a thoughtful manner. A sigh escaping his lips as he ran a hand through his jet black hair.

You begged.

His lips pursed before a smile overcame them. His hands reaching over to pinch your cheeks softly.

"How could I say no to that face?"
He grinned as you stuck your tongue out.
"I'll give you another mission but please wait until you've fully recovered."
He sighed as you happily nodded your head, bolting out of the room to the infirmary in hopes of recovering as quickly as possible.

The male smiled, looking at the map at a specific location where the war had not specifically attacked however was still affected by it.

"Please stay safe."

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