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"It is the season of floods for our country right now. We advice that all people living around the coastline stays indoor and in high places. Please have a flood plan ready fo-"

The television switched channels as your eyes trailed away from it, the elderly people at the retirement home having enough of the news.

The rain outside fell mercilessly against the glass, your mother along with other retirement home workers working helplessly to close all the windows and doors, making sure all the people inside were warm and cosy.

You sat on the chair near the exit, the home now used to having you here most days before and after school to wait for your mother. Sometimes even getting you to interact with the elderly or help out with some jobs. Both being things you loved doing.

Your mother panted, blankets for the elderly in her hands as she ran towards you.
"I'm not gonna be able to get out of here any time soon. Do you think you can get to school in this weather?"
She asked worriedly.

Your eyes watched the rain outside. It was definitely getting harder by the minute. But you didn't want to overwork the woman.

You shook your head, a smile on your lips as you grabbed your umbrella.

"I'll be fine. Just take care of each other in here. I'll see you after school."
You smiled, waving goodbye as you walked out into the rain.

The raindrops hit your umbrella in a surprisingly calming manner, the smell of rain on soil making you hum in joy as you made your way through the streets towards your school. The pues rippling against the dropping rain.

It was always like this in your town at this time of year. The rain would fall mercilessly on you all and flood your roads, the ocean right next to your homes not being much help either.

Walking through the gates of the familiar building, you sighed, preparing yourself for your last day of school before the weekend.

"Come on mom, pick up."
You cursed under your breath, phone close to your ear as you stood in the small shelter just outside of your school. The rain had now cleared up, sunny blue skies replacing the clouds as the last remaining rain drops on the leaves of trees fell to the soil.

That, however, meant that the road towards your house and the retirement home was completely flooded. Rendering it useless for you to even try to get back to your mom.

She finally picked up as a relieved smile found its way onto your lips.

You cheered.
"The road just down the school is completely flooded so I can't get home nor to the retirement home."
You frowned as you heard her groan.

"I swear this town needs to fix our drain system."
She sighed to which you giggled to.
"It's alright, just stay in that past of town and I'll go pick you up when it's cleared. I'll call you before I get there."

You hummed softly, nodding your head before smiling.

"Alright, see you then."

"Bye, love you."

"Love you too."

And with that, she ended the call. Leaving you to wonder what you'll do in the mean time.

The flood wouldn't take long to clear. Only around half an hour or so but you didn't want to stand here for that long.

Your eyes trailed around, soon landing on a specific path just down the small forest next to you school that lead towards the beach. A smile appearing on your lips as you walked down towards it.

The trees dripped their water droplets down to their soil as you walked around, admiring the wildlife that happily sung around you. Birds singing and butterflies flying around just before reaching the sand of the beach.

Kicking off your shoes and socks, you walked down the sand. The warm feeling making you smile as you neared the clear water.

It was cold. Freezing to the touch as you cringed, giggling while forcing your feet to go in the whole way.

You hummed in satisfaction, your eyes scanning the ships that floated on the water just a way away.

"Dad is on one of those ships..."
You muttered to yourself, smiling at the memories of your dad teaching you to be a captain. All the times your mom threw fits over the amount of time that he'd leave only to end up kissing him soon after.

She misses him. A lot. You knew that for a fact. No matter how many times she says she hates him and never wants to see him again, it's obvious to anyone with the sadness that swirls in her eyes.

Sighing, you looked down to your toes that wiggled in the sand, the cool water reaching just below your knees by now.

However, something soon caught your eye as your attention turned to it.

A couple of feet away laid a glass cup, a fish stayed unmoving on the opening. Seemingly dead.

You gasped before rushing over, not caring about drenching your uniform as you picked up the flask.

Carefully, you pulled the fish out. Successfully freeing it before placing it carefully in your palm.

Your head whipped around in hopes of finding something to put it in. An orange, plastic bucket catching your eye as you ran over to pick it up, filling it up with water before carefully placing the small animal inside.

The pink fish floated inside for a moment before soon opening its eyes, relief washing over your figure as it began swimming around happily in circles.

You admired its pink and green scales, its green eyes looking up at you in wonder and admiration as you grinned at it.

You cooed. The fish bashfully swimming around as you laughed.
"I think I'll call you Mitsuri."

Mitsuri swam in circles once more, peeking her head out of the water ever so often as you giggled at her ways.

"Let's go home, Mitsuri."

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