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"Do you see that?!"

"Where?! Where?!"

Your eyes trailed up to glare at your two best friends whom were crying around the window of your flower shop. Your customers worriedly looking over at them and some even leaving.

"It's Rengoku's castle!"
Lia cried, her dark hair tied into a fancy bun that her workplace required her to have when working. Though, she always spent her breaks at your shop along with Hayley.

"I'm scared~!"
Hayley whined, her blonde hair that reached up to her hips, swaying with her movements as she hugged lia's arm.
"I don't want to get eaten!"

"Don't worry!"
You happily cheered out from behind them as they both jumped before screaming.
"Heard he only eats pretty girls!"

Both girls glared at you, playfully hitting your arms to which you rolled your eyes to before tending to your flowers.

"Why do you have to be so mean y/n?"
Hayley cried, placing her hands on her hips.

"You two are the ones that scared my customers away."
You retorted as both pairs of eyes widened as they studied to store.

"Shoot you're right..."
Lia muttered, an apologetic smile appearing on her lips.

"We won't do it again~!"
Hayley promised with her award winning smile.

You chuckled at the two, picking out their favourite flowers before handing it to them. A gesture to which they beamed to.

"Get going you two, your breaks will be over soon."
You laughed, pointing at the grandfather clock that ticked by.

They laughed happily at eachother before turning to leave for the door.

"Be careful you two!"
You called out for them as they turned to look at you.
"I was only joking when I said you two weren't pretty!"

Both females laughed, waving you off as they walked out the door.

And back to silence your shop fell into.

"Alright, have a nice day!"
You cheered happily to the elderly couple that walked out of the shop. Their hands entertained as the lady happily held the bouquet of roses she had been given.

A happy sigh escaped your lips, loving the moments you got to saw true love. Moments like those.

The bright sun had long ago set and had been replaced by a thick night sky. The moon and stars happily twinkling as you stared at them through the window of your shop.

"I should close up..."
You muttered to yourself, peacefully humming a tune as you locked the door. Turning the 'open' sign to 'closed' before watering your flowers for the night.

Peace floated around your shop as the flowers happily took in the water you sprayed on them. The smell of soaked soil making your insides all happily and giddy as you finally put down the watering can. All flowers happily soaked.

Just as you were about to turn off the lights and head upstairs where your shared apartment with Lia and Hayley, whom had long ago arrived home after work, the door to the shop was opened. The jingling bell reaching your ears as you head snapped towards it in an alert matter.

There stood a tall woman, a dark violet coat and hat complimenting her outfit as her eyes scanned the endless sea of flowers.

"What a lovely little shop..."
You heard her mutter as you stepped towards her, her piercing blue eyes snapping up to you.

"Sorry ma'am but we're closed, I thought I locked the door."
You smiled.

The mysterious lady hummed, a mischievous smile finding its way onto her lips.

"You're a lot more polite than that last girl... Sophia or something."
She hummed as you quirked a brow.

"Pardon me?"
You chuckled as the woman laughed.

"I just wanted to take a look at your flowers!"
She happily cheered, soon lowering her voice to a dangerous tone.
"That's all."

Red flags waved in your mind but you wouldn't let your nervousness show, that same happy smile on your lips.

"Well we have every flower you could think of! Daisies, roses, carnations. You name it, we got it."
You smiled, gesturing towards the sea of plants in your shop as she hummed once again.

"You're a lovely girl, you know."
She smirked as your act finally cracked, your nervousness seeping through.
"You just talk too much."

Not even getting a second to react, she flew towards you. Her body seemingly floating right through you before turning herself towards the door.

"Have a good day."
She chuckled, her eyes showing a dangerous glint as she walked out.

You stood in the middle of your shop dumbfounded, no noise coming out of your throat as you stared at the door.

'That was so weird'
You thought, turning away to run up to your little apartment to let your friends know of what just happened.

You bursted the door open, both girls jumping cause of the loud noise on the couch before turning to look at you with wide eyes.

"Y/n? Whats wrong?"
Lia asked worriedly, standing from the couch to approach you who was breathing heavily.

Hayley ran to get you a glass of water, handing it to you who not so gracefully chugged it down before getting seated at the dinner table by Lia who held your shoulders the entire time.

"What's wrong? Talk to us."
She beckoned as Hayley nodded her head.

You took in a deep breath before attempting to talk.

However, your eyes shot wide open when no noise came out.

Trying again, nothing happened. Your face draining in colour as realisation kicked in. The two girls in front of you soon catching on as you placed a tender finger on your throat.

"Your voice..."
Lia started as Hayley gasped.


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