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Your horse galloped the land quickly as you furrowed your eyebrows.

"Come on boy."
You muttered through gritted teeth, whipping the leather around his face lightly to beckon him to go faster.
"You Can do it. Just a bit more and we'll lose it."

The galloping of his hooves hit the grass harshly below, a cloud of dirt and grass flying behind each hoof he pushed off the ground with.

A horrifying roar sounded out from behind you, not even having to turn to know that it came from the creature that chased you and your trusty animal. Plans of you being it's dinner most definitely flooding it's mind.

"Come on alex."
You cried, the creature now only a few steps away from you.
"We can outrun it."

It was false hope, you knew that. The creature was faster than you by a landslide, it was only mere luck that you've survived this long. But a plan was definitely forming in your head.

Tightening your legs around the animal, you let go of his leash, trusting your legs to hold you from flying away. Quickly, you grabbed your bow and arrows, aiming one behind you and towards the beast's eye.

You only prayed that there was someone else watching how fucking epic you looked right now.

The string carved into the two fingers that pulled it back, the arrow pointing perfectly towards the eye as you readied your shot. Soon letting go of the wire as your weapon soared through the air.

The metal shone in the sun before finally, after what felt like a minute in slow motion, piercing into the creatures eye. The dark, worm like blob rolling around on the floor while screeching in pain. The grass that had been touched by the monster writhing away.

"Seems like it's made of some sort of acid."
You laughed, turning around to hold onto Alex properly, the horse shaking his head while neighing.
"Sorry boy, I promise we won't be reckless anymore."

The horse stared at you from the corner or his eyes. If he were a human he would have definitely punched you by now, but you only laughed it off, patting his head as it trotted back towards your village.

"And they say that the child of the woman that sacrificed herself for the wolves was actually adopted by the mama wolf."

The children cooed and awed at the story that the old towns lady told, her long white hair tied into two long braids. Her wrinkly face stretched onto a smile.

"The wolves protected the child from getting attacked by monsters. So now, if you ever go to the woods and see a man, then he's the king of the beasts. Pay your respects."
She smiled.

You stared at her in an amused manner, your arms crossed over your chest as you shook your head.

"Alright nan, enough fairytales for today."
You laughed, grabbing hold onto her arm to walk her to her hut.

The children whined, grabbing onto the old woman's legs as you raised your brow.

"Y/n, they're not fairytales."
The woman laughed, shaking her head as she took her arm out of your hold, your attention instantly turning to her.
"They're stories. Informative texts of what we should expect from the world and what we should be on the look out for."
She smiled, patting the heads of the young ones who clung onto her legs.

"Sure. And what can I expect from the world then? A wild man that was raised by the wolves?"
You laughed as the lady shook her head once more.

"One day you'll encounter him y/n. With your reckless personality I wouldn't be surprised that you'll run into him. Especially with the growing number of monsters."
She scolded as the children looked at her in a curious manner.

"What do you mean nan?"
A little blonde girl asked as your eyes snapped to her.

"She doesn't mean anything."
You tried to cut in, not wanting the children to worry about the dangers that lay just outside the walls of your village.

"I mean."
Nan glared at you, you instantly returning the look as she continued.
"The outside world holds monsters. Dangerous creatures that plan on eating us all. But he."
She smiled, pointing towards the painting of the 'king of the beasts'.
"He will save us all one day."

You rolled your eyes, grabbing her arm once more to escort her to her hut.

"Alright, enough talking. Sleep time."
You scolded as the children groaned.

"You're no fun anymore y/n."
A young boy named Timothy sighed as you turned to look at him from the corner of your eyes.

Deciding that you didn't want to fight with a bunch of children, you sighed and looked back ahead.

"Yeah that's what happens when you enter the real world, kiddo."

"You know those kids truely do love you."
Nan smiled, the walk to her hut having been completely silent up until now.

You turned to look at her from the corner of your eyes before scoffing.

"Yeah right. I'm just the mean mother to them."
You replied.

"Correction, the worrying mother."
She laughed as you raised a brow.
"Sometimes mothers aren't mean or cruel, just worried. You don't want them to fear for their lives because of the world outside. You don't want them to worry about you when you're out there. You want them to grow up happy and carefree until they're ready to hear the truth."
She smiled, lifting open the cover to her hut.

"I guess."
You shrugged. Sighing as you ran a hand through your hair.
"I just don't want them to think that I'll die out there like their real parents."

The woman smiled sadly, the fact that you agreed to adopt a good ten children after all their parents died on a specific mission bringing her a sad warmth to her old heart.

"Y/n, We'll all die one day. You'll die one day, they should be aware of that so they can enjoy each and every last moment they have with you until then."
She smiled.

Your eyes dropped to the floor, the idea of having to leave them alone for good one day bringing an unsteady feeling to your stomach.

An old wrinkly hand made its way onto your cheek, her thumb soothing your cheek lovingly before bringing your face down to place a chaste kiss on your forehead.

"Goodnight sweetheart."

"Goodnight nan."

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