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Howling wind shook the large building, the buzzing noise of laughter and music emitting from the bathhouse as various creatures of all shapes and sizes waltzed in.

"Welcome! Welcome!"
The door ladies cheered, waving their traditional fans around.

It was a normal night for the spirit world. The bathhouse working their asses off to clean and satisfy their guests while the town below worked on serving food and merchandise to the never ending swarm of newcomers.

Muichiro watched from the balcony up on the very last floor of the red building. The long strands of hair that managed to escape his bun flowing in the night wind.

"Muichiro.... muichiro...?"
He muttered to himself, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he tried effortlessly to remember his last name.

Despite Muichiro not exactly being a spirit, he was made one. After signing a contract with the witch of this land, he sold off his name and freedom in exchange of becoming a spirit and being taken under her wing as an apprentice.

A sigh escaped his lips as he propped his elbows on the railing of the balcony, his head landing on his palms as a headache began to form.

The ocean sounds reached his ears in a peaceful manner, his worried soon flying away as he contently listened to the night's song. Almost as if he could hear the twinkling of the stars and the hum of the moon.

That peace was short lived however.

A voice rang throughout the bathhouse angrily as he groaned, not wanting to deal with the wrinkly old witch that would be pestering him throughout the night.

He called back, hurrying out of the room and down towards the first floor where the guests happily waved at him.

He himself did not work at the bathhouse. No, the witch would not give such a young man with his potential such a low job. Instead, he would get assigned to travel the spirit realm and steal various items that the old lady wanted.

He was a thief.

But a loved one at that.

The ladies of the bathhouse peeked their heads out from their designated wash rooms, cooing him on as he walked past with a straight face. Not minding their whistles and cat calls.

He found it funny if anything.

But he wouldn't say that out loud.

"Yes yubaba?"
He greeted the woman, her horrifyingly huge head snapping to him as soon as his voice reached her ears.

She growled, hurrying over to the male.
"I have a mission for you."

The male bit back his tongue from spitting out a remark, closing his eyes so she wouldn't witness them rolling.

"May I ask what it is?"
He asked politely, opening his eyes back up for the world to marvel at their beautiful shade of blue.

The woman chuckled, reaching for the pocket in her dress to bring out a scroll.

"There's word going around that the neighbouring bathhouse just got a client who brought in all his treasure for them. Find it and bring it. You can leave the day after tomorrow."
She instructed, handing him the scroll that held the directions to his destination before waltzing off. Probably off to daydream about her soon to be riches.

The male watched her leave, his eyes narrowing in an annoyed manner before turning back around. Deciding that maybe a visit to Kamaji, the spider-like spirit, would be best for him.

"Why did we have to move?"
You grumbled from the backseat of the car, your farewell flowers from your friends clutched tightly to your chest as tears dripped down onto them.

"Tch, y/n don't be like that!"
Your mother scolded lightly, turning back to look at you with a smile which you could barely make out due to the darkness of the night.
"You'll like it there."

"Your mother's right. We needed a change in scenery."
You father laughed, his booming voice making your tired and puffy eyes roll.

"Whatever, just wake me up when we get there."
You muttered, shifting to a comfortable laying position across the three seats before letting your eyes close. The world around you soon disappearing as your consciousness began to fade.


Darkness surrounded you, the distant sound of waves making your brow raise.


"Huh?! Who's there?!"
You called out, turning your body around in an alarmed manner as you tried to spot the voice.

"Don't fret, I'm not here to hurt you."
It spoke once more, the voice sounding female as soon enough a ball of light began appearing.

You muttered, your eyes locked on the light as it moved around you.

"You need to save him."
She spoke.

"Save who?"
You asked as you followed its movements.

"Save him before it's too late."
She pleaded, her voice now cracking as it neared you.

"Wh- but how?! I don't even know who you're talking about! My dad?!"
You cried as the orb floated just above your chest.

"Here. Save him in here y/n."

Your eyes widened, turquoise eyes- that definitely weren't your dad's- flashing right past your eyes.


"I must leave now."
She beckoned as your eyes widened even more.

"Wait! But who?! Where?!"
You cried, running over to reach for the disappearing light.


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