Chapter 3

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I am really sorry to all the people who read this chapter and realized it was short. I write my stories on wattpad instead of as a document and transfer i publish my story as it goes so far. So if I haven't completed a chapter yet, then the incomplete chapter would be published still, as a way to save my work. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

I made an extra long one as a peace offering. Thnx! Hope you enjoy it.

Pic of Travis:


Time in school passed quickly. Lunch came and Aaliyah invited Sophia and I to sit by her table to eat. It was weird how we actually seemed to be getting along. She wasn't crying anymore, for which I was relieved, and she had reapplied the smeared makeup she had earlier before.

Her beauty radianted from where I sat opposite her. Aaliyah's friends were actually caring and loving, except for the girl who called me that mean word before. I found out her name was Nicole and she had two snotty girls who always followed her, Alison and Ashely. They were twins.

From what I examined, Nicole must have wanted to replace Aaliyah as head of the cheerleader team. But it was none of my business so I tended not to pry. I could have felt Travis' eyes on my back the entire time I walked into the lunch room. From the time I went to order my food to the time when Aaliyah motioned for me to join her at the table to the time when Nicole screwed up her face as I sat.

"He's looking this way. Quick pretend to laugh." Aaliyah said to her friends in a panic tone.

They all burst out laughing fakely. I rest my head on the table in shame. Were they going to always laugh whenever he was looking?

"You're so not over him yet." I heard Alison speak. She flipped her caramel brown hair out of her face. She and her sister were poor compared to the other girls at the table. But Alison fit right in since her long time boyfriend is Drake, the son of some famous actor in england. I really didn't care since she was one of Nicole's followers.

Ashely and Alison didn't look alike though. Ashely had black hair and green eyes while Alison had brown hair and green eyes. But one thing they had in common were that they were both dumb. I think they were even dropped on the heads as babies.

Aaliyah exclaimed, "Are you crazy! He is the worst! I don't like him that is for sure."

"How long have you been dating him?" I asked.

Everyone at the table looked at me in shock. I had not spoken since I came to the table.

A girl with black hair and green eyes, Ashley, spoke first, "What was that?"

"How long have Nicole and Travis dated for?" I asked once more announcing the person I directed it to.

The whole table looked suprised at the question. I was really good at reading girls.

Ashley spoke again, "What are you talking about? Nicole and Travis was never together."

"Ohh." I gave Nicole a smile of understanding, "Just forget I said anything."

Aaliyah raised an eyebrow, "Why did you think that they were together?" She persued.

"I really shouldn't say anything." I began to stand up but Aaliyah reached for my hand and pulled me back down.

"No, you should." She turned to look at Nicole, "What is going on here?"

"Nothing really. Just a misunderstanding." I said quickly.

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