Forgetting Arlo (6)

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Lily's POV

"You did what?" Iris asks me, incredulously.

"I once shaved off the eyebrow of my ex-friend," I repeat, half embarrassed and half proud.

"What on earth did she do to deserve that?"

I proceeded to tell her the story. "We were about twelve and she stole my favourite bracelet. You see that bracelet cost a lot of money. It was a gift that my grandmother gave me before she died. Kiesha, the ex-friend, told everyone it was hers even though we both knew it wasn't. When I asked for it back, she refused. It made me so mad so when we were at a sleepover one night, I shaved off one eyebrow."

Iris's eyes widen with disbelief. Amber giggles at the story. She was there during the whole ordeal. The next morning, when Kiesha woke up, Amber couldn't stop laughing. She told me later that day when everyone was gone that it was well deserved.

"I can't believe you did that," Iris says to me. Her eyes sparkle with laughter and the corners of her mouth quirk upwards. "I'm impressed. Perhaps I should take you under my wing and teach you a few more tricks."

I turn to Amber and arch an eyebrow.

"Iris likes to pull...tricks on people who have pissed off her or people she knows. She seeks retribution." Amber fills me in, darting her eyes between Iris and me. "I wouldn't follow in her footsteps Lily; Iris gets in trouble a lot."

Iris waves a dismissive hand. "I don't get in trouble that often. Only when I get caught."

"Still," Amber continues, dragging her eyes back to me. "I don't want Lily getting in trouble. She's new."

Iris rolls her eyes and mumbles something like 'goody two shoes' under her breath. I find myself smirking at Iris.

I like her. She is not afraid of the consequences. She lives life in the fast lane—not caring what others think. Iris is confident in herself; she knows who she is.

"Anyways, do you want to tell me what happened with Bailey?" Iris jumps in, skilfully changing the subject and mood.

My evening with Bailey yesterday was amazing. Not only did I find myself comfortable and content, but I also reconciled with my sister. Life already feels better. I know I'm on the right path. Perhaps this was always meant to happen. Perhaps I was never meant to be with Arlo. I had to face everything he did so that I could end up here, with my sister and Bailey.

For the first time, I am grateful. I am grateful Arlo hurt me. I am grateful he changed my perception of things. Without him, I might not have my sister.

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