I Shouldn't Love You - Chapter Two

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The next few days came the same as the first, going to the beach and partying until wee hours of the morning. Mom didn't mind as long as I was with Mark and we didn't drink.

Me, Adelina, Balinda, Maricella, and Maricellas boyfriend Jose lay scattered in my living room. Me and Balinda were sprawled out on the floor, Maricella and Jose flirted on the couch and Adelina lay on the ground but leaned her back on the couch so she was sitting up. 

"Me voy de compras, pero Victor estará aquí con ustedes." (I'm going shopping but Victor will be here with you guys.) Mom walked into the room and scurried around for her purse, then her cell which happened to be on the other side of the room. She took a quick glance at all of us with our weird positions.

"Lucky us," I mumbled, keeping my eyes on the T.V. We were watching Take the Lead, a really awesome movie. 

"Why can't you all just sit together like normal teenagers?" She asked. We look at her like she's crazy.

"Since when are we normal, Mrs. Miller?" Balinda glanced up at her with raised eyebrows, then looked back at the T.V.

"Okay, okay Lindy. You have a point. Oh and Margie, be nice to Victor!" She said.

"Okay mom... You can leave now." I shooed her away. She rolled her eyes and walked out, when I heard the front door shut I popped up from my place.

"We need something to do!" I complained.

"School starts tomorrow, there's nothing to do because we can't stay out late tonight. Oh and just to let you know, stick with us okay chica? These people can be harsh." Maricella said. I looked at her confused but shrugged and nodded anyway.


The next day I was forced out of bed. After mom tried waking me up and I didn't budge, she got Victor. Victor, being the guy that wants his new wifes kids to like him, tried getting me up nicely but just shaking me a little and talking to me. What an idiot.

"That's it..." He sighed, walking out of the room. I relaxed my muscles, ready to go back to sleep, I heard the door slam open again.

"MARGIE! Get up!" Mark said. I flinched but tried staying calm, because when Mark wakes me up it's a bit more harsh then the others. He grabbed my sides and flung me out of the bed, I yelped and pulled the blanket with me. I sat up and let out an exasperated breath.

"Why would you do that!? A simple 'wake up' would work!" I snapped.

"We tried that already." He chuckled, walking out of the room again. I gradually got up and glared at Victor.

"Sorry, but you have school. You have 15 minutes to get downstairs." He flashed one of those charming smiles my mom fell for and walked out of the room. I jogged to the bathroom, which might I say was a pretty big bathroom, close to a Master bathroom but it was normal.


"I PUT IT UNDER THE SINK!!" Mom called back.

"Don't touch my stuff..." I mumbled to myself. I didn't have the guts to yell it back at her. I did all my morning routine. I put on a white tank top that rose to my navel and showed my belly ring, and put the top of my red sweat suit that rose too. I slipped on my red bottoms and white Nikes and quickly went through the strips of hair that have gotten wavy with the straightener.

"Buenos días, mamá" I sat at the table and sighed, tiredly. 

"Buenos días, sweetheart" She placed a place of eggs in front of me and i stuffed chunks in my mouth until there was only 2 chunks left.

"Come on, hurry up!" Mark whined. 

I stuffed the last pieces in my mouth and leaned over the table to talk to Victor, "Victor can I have money for lunch?" 

"Sure," He handed me a fifty dollar bill after digging in his wallet.

"I don't think lunch is this much money" I chuckled.

"Consider it allowance. One a week!" He said. i smiled and started jumping.

"Ahh!! Oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you!" I hugged him tightly. I'm getting fifty bucks a week!

"she doesn't need any! I'm a guy, when i go on dates at least i have to pay, so i need money. So just give that here Margie..." Mark tried snatching it from me but I was quick to pull my arm away.

"No mark, you can have your own." Victor gave him his own fifty bucks. Wow, I knew Victor was rich, rich enough for this beach house even, but to give away 100 bucks in five minutes?

"Let's go Margie!!!" Mark ran out the door and i followed him. The drive to school was short, and when i hopped out of the car i was overpowered with dirty looks.

"Another Spanish slut... Who's that, your chico of the week? Or day?" A girl sneered, pointing to Mark. The word 'chico' didn't roll of her tongue, because of her ethnicity.

"Excuse me? que basura de mierda quieres hablar conmigo, como que así tienes otra cosa que viene!" i yelled. She just stared at me before she started laughing hysterically and walked away.

"You know, that wasn't very nice to say to such a pretty girl." Mark came up behind me.

"Did you hear what she said to me?!" I yelled, breathing heavily. "She called me a spanish slut, and called you my 'chico' of the day!" 

His eyes went wide, "well, relax. Don't let her get to you." He rubbed my shoulders and we continued walking, people sneering and snickering until Maricella, Belinda, and Adalina came up to me and blocked the people away from me.

"Don't worry, everyone here are jerks. In fact, why don't you just stay with us like we told you to? It's easier to deal with them when you're not alone." Adalina comforted me. They led me to the office and I told the lady my name.

"Okay chica, we got to get to class. Talk to you later, and remember, don't let this stupid whities get to you." Mari whispered to me so the lady at the desk wouldn't hear her. i smiled and nodded and they all left. After a minute of clicking and her eyes searching the screen, someone stood next to me.

"Excuse me?" The voice said. Hey, I've heard that voice before... 

"Oh look, it's the new girl!" He said. I turned to see none other then the boy who tried apologizing for his stupid friends from the beach.

"You remember me, huh? That's got to say something, considering no white guy would just want to randomley decide to remember a girl like me." I glared at him.

"A girl like you?" He asked, then realization flickered on his face, "Look, people here are jerks about everything. Just forget them, and yeah I made a point at remembering you." 

"Oh, that's great. I might just go home and write in my diary of how you tried so hard to remember me." I said sarcastically. He chuckled.

"What's your name, new girl?" He asked. 

"Oh, here you are! Margarita? What a pretty name!" The lady at the desk said. 

I smiled at her, "thank you"

"Yeah, that's really cool." The boy smiled. I turned to him and for the first time in front of him, a real smile showed up on his face.

"Uhm, thanks." I said. He looked like he was holding back a laugh.

"Yeah, was your mom drunk when she had you? Was she drinking Margarita?" He laughed. The smile instantly disappeared and was replaced by a look of pure disappointment.

I grabbed my schedule and map from the lady and quickly ran out of the office. 


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