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THIS MAY BE what you expect in a book, it may not be. Either way, this is the raw story, the true story, of Guinevere Beck. The whole relationship, beginning to end, written in the victim's point of you. Written for you.

So you don't fall into the same trap as Beck did. So you don't act as naïve as Beck did. So you don't get hurt. Just like Joe singled Beck out, in this story Beck singles you out. A story where you relate to the victim. Where you want justice for the victim... But most importantly, where you're scared to be the victim.

This is Beck's cry for help. I'm merely the keyboard and page. Thank you.

( NOTE: this is a fictional story with pure purposes about a girl named Beck who was a victim of stalking, harassing, and murder. This is her real true story, and her whole relationship, told in her point of view. This book is solely for fun and I don't own any character, organization, brand, etc. associated with Netflix™️ or its show "You". Thank you. )

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