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"you have to WHAT?!" soonyoung exclaimed, in complete shock from what wonwoo had just told him- for the third time.

"i'm not going to repeat myself again for the third time, soonyoung." wonwoo sighed, sipping on the iced tea soonyoung's mother had offered to him when he came around.

"am i hearing right? or did you just say you have to reform the fucking delinquent?" soonyoung asked, wonwoo confirming his question with a slow nod. he leaped out of his swivel chair, "are you kidding me?! how could the principal ask you to do something so dangerous?!"

"it's not dangerous. you're making it sound like i'm going off to war or something." wonwoo chuckled but soonyoung still kept the same serious but panicked face.

"dude! the guy's father is a fucking murderer for crying out loud! how much more dangerous can he be?"

"you shouldn't be judging people based off from their parents' actions. you and i both know that, soonyoung." wonwoo looked at soonyoung with a concerned look in his eyes, making soonyoung slightly calm down, but still have a wary look on his face. "yeah... yeah, you're right."

wonwoo gave him a small smile. "but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful!" soonyoung said. "you don't know what he could do."

"i know. i know. i'll promise to be careful."

"why is the principal wanting to reform the delinquent anyway? shouldn't she just expel him?"

wonwoo shrugged, opening one of his workbooks. "that's what i said, but i guess the principal has hope that the guy can be saved." at wonwoo's last words, soonyoung scoffed.

"please, that guy is hopeless. from the amount of bad things he's done, there is no way you could turn him into a good student." wonwoo shrugged again.

"i won't know unless i try. besides, i'm quite curious to know what he's like." he paused, trying to regain his thoughts. "sure he may seem a bit- prickly, when he's around people. but maybe he's different with people he's comfortable with."

"i dunno, won." soonyoung said with a questionable tone, scratching the back of his head. "the only people i've seen hung out with him are minghao and seokmin. and those two are just as bad as him."

wonwoo sighs, "guess i'll have to get used to being around them as well." as he worked, wonwoo kept an agitated look on his face, his mind somewhere else but his hand was still focused on writing, the pen gliding but with harsh strokes as the ink exudes onto the paper.

soonyoung noticed this easily, and spoke up. "hey, are you okay? you seem a little tense."

"just- a lot of things are on my mind."

"are thinking about it again?" soonyoung asked, raising his tone. he didn't like bringing up the fragile subject, but he knew it never leaves wonwoo's mind. wonwoo responds with a slow nod. "wonwoo. there's nothing you could've done. stop feeling so guilty about it-"

"i can't help but feel guilty, soonyoung. i could've at least helped, i could've at least saved them. but instead i stayed in my room like a coward. i stayed in my room and listened as my parents got stabbed to death! how could i not feel guilty?!" wonwoo lashed out, his face crunched together as he looked at soonyoung with guilt in his eyes. wonwoo was never usually like this. he always had a happy demeanour with a bright smile plastered on his face.

wonwoo had bottled up his emotions inside, not allowing anyone to see how he really was, not even soonyoung. but the guilt had built up to high, making wonwoo not able to hold it in anymore.

small tears fell down his face, soaking the collar of his white shirt. wonwoo wipes them away with the sleeve of his blazer, attention back to his work. "s-sorry. i just- couldn't hold it in anymore..."

"no- it's okay. i get it."

a faint smile disappeared of wonwoo's thin lips, his eyes still teary at the traumatic memory of his parents death. "it's just that- i still don't know why they killed, or even who killed them, in the first place. the police didn't even spare a minute to look it into the case. they threw it aside just like the rest of the murders."

"what are you implying, wonwoo?" he gave his best friend a look, his brows kotting in confusion. he thought for a moment, then his face morphed into realisation and slight sadness. "wait- you're not thinking about re-opening the case, are you?"

"i can do it. i mean, with the money i inherited from them, it's more than enough money to at least convince them to have a re-investigation on the case. i can pull in some favours with the chief and..." wonwoo answered.

"wonwoo it's been two years. i know it's been hard for you, but why can't you just let it go? why can't you accept the fact that they're gone and-"

"what? you expect me to just move on and not even try to figure out who killed them in the first place? soonyoung you know i can't just- forget them. i need to at least serve them justice." wonwoo said with a frown. soonyoung sighed before saying,

"y-you have a point. i'm sorry for saying to just forget them and move on, that wasn't my place to say. i just- can't help but worry about you, won. you have your whole life ahead of you and have so many things to focus on. i don't want you being held back, just because of the guilt you feel over the death of your parents." a sad smile appeared on soonyoug's face. "even if i am against it, i'll support you no matter what. i can't do much but i know someone who works with the chief. i'll give them a call and you can talk to them about re-opening the case." wonwoo latched onto soonyoung in a tight hug.

"thank you, soonyoung. thank yo for always being here to support me." soonyoung was shocked the sudden hug at first, but soon wrapped his arms around wonwoo.

"it's- no problem, won. i'll be here for you. always."

wonwoo smiled sadly as his chin rested on soonyoung's shoulder. although he trusted soonyoung completely, he was already half-expecting that this would be his response. this was always the response. no one wanted to bring up the past. everyone who was close with him and his parents had already forgotten about the incident, as if it ever happened. and that's what they told him to do. let go and leave it. everyone wanted to forget what happened two years ago. but wonwoo couldn't, wowoo could never let it go.

someone murdered his parents and he was determined to find out who. and why.

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