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January, 2018

"I'm looking for something... badass," Ingrid began, surveying the suits and blouses on display. "Badass but – sexy and classy, you know what I mean?"

Cait arched an eyebrow at her. Cillian was busy sketching something in his notebook, while the shop attendant drank her words in with a steadfast smile on her lips.

"I have to make a fashion statement at an art event," Ingrid explained.

The attendant, Lily read her nametag, nodded and clasped her fingers. "I think I've got just what you need. Wanna try it on?"

"Sure. Bring it on."

Cait accompanied Ingrid to the changing rooms and plopped down on a plush cube-shaped seat. Ingrid stood on the round pedestal in the middle of the room, studying her reflection in each of the three tall mirrors. Lily disappeared for a few minutes and returned holding a black two-piece pinstripe suit, with a catch: the double-breasted blazer also served as a shirt.

Ingrid let Lily help put it on. It was a snug fit, like a second layer of skin, evidencing her curves. The buttoned-up blazer cut a deep but decent cleavage, with nothing more than slight side-boob on show. It had little pockets on each side, too, so she could wear her pocket watch with it.

"It's perfect," Ingrid said, "but do you maybe have it in, like... dark forest green? Ideally with silver stripes."

Lily pondered. "No, not right now in the shop that I know of... But I can make some inquiries – we might have it somewhere else or be able to tailor it for you."

Ingrid grinned. "That would be lovely."

"Size's good, though? Do you wanna try it bigger or smaller?"

"No, size's perfect."

"Alright, then. Leave me a card and I'll be sure to give you a call once I have the info. Would that be okay?"

"That'd be awesome. What would you recommend for accessorising? I already have a brilliant pocket watch that'll go wonderfully with this."

"Well, then maybe a top hat? Either a full-size one, or one of those tiny ones you can wear sideways." Lily made a tilting motion with her hands above her head, to demonstrate what she meant. "I'm thinking oxford shoes, maybe with some extravagant print on them? Doesn't get any classier or sexier, while making a hell of a statement!"

Ingrid peered at her pleased expression in the mirror. "Bold and brave," she whispered, "just how I like it."

Cait fetched her brother before Ingrid changed out of her suit. He stared agape at Ingrid, who even struck a pose for him as he raised his camera to snap a photograph.

"You're absolutely stunning," he muttered, trying out various angles for his pictures.

"Thanks, mate. Appreciate it."

"You haven't even had your event approved yet," Cait commented. "I mean, you are stunning, but what are you going to do if it doesn't go through? Where will you wear this thing?"

Ingrid caught her eye and smirked. "Oh, I'm gonna make it go through. Just you sit back and watch." A devious wink. "Then there's also the Met Gala. Always wanted to go. Maybe it's time I did."

"Met Gala?" Cillian uttered, shell-shocked.

A careless shrug. "All you gotta do is buy a seat. Pretty sure I could find someone who knows someone, who knows someone, if I put my mind to it."

The siblings laughed and Ingrid smiled at herself in the mirror. Her demons wouldn't stand a chance.


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