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HI, hello. It's _26xanderine28_ once again, the author who never got any story finished. Seriously, I need to change that. -__-

Alright, so this is a Soul Eater x Greek mythology fanfiction that went absolutely wrong (which makes it better, in my opinion). It began with a smart-ass pair of a meister and weapon who just arrived at Shibusen/DWMA, after that incident with Soul, Maka and Chrona (Chapter 5 in the manga).

I hope that though this fan fiction had went out of the Soul Eater plot, readers will still enjoy it, reading a bit of romance and light (really light) action plus a few not-so-thought-about conversations and dialogues.

I'm still working on the cover, but I'd be doing both the sketching and coloring so don't expect much, alright?

Sorry in advance for the typographical errors too and some other stuff like that. Hahah. :)

I guess that sums it up, yes?

Start reading and enjoy no matter how crappy it is!

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