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"Alright, everyone," Professor Stein called out to the class. "These are your new classmates -- Athena, and her weapon, Odysseus."

She was a girl about sixteen, with wavy golden locks and storm grey eyes. She wore a cream-colored cardigan over her white blouse and blue skirt. Her black socks reached just above her knees, and leather shoes were her footwear. On her face was a big smile as she said to the class, "Nice to meet you all. I am Athena. Please take good care of me.~"

He was taller than her, so either he was sixteen or seventeen years old. His hair was pitch black, and his eyes were deep blue. He didn't give out any smile the way Athena did, and instead, he said, "Don't anybody go around picking on Athena. I am her partner, Odysseus."

"That's right," Stein agreed. "If I find anybody bullying them, I'll... dissect you." And so, he told their story: "Athena grew up in Athens, Greece. Her entire family was killed by a pre-kishin, and when it was her soul's time to be taken, Odysseus came in and saved her. They'd been together since then. Despite the fact that these two had only entered Shibusen, they learned about the souls on own experiences. If they had entered Shibusen at the same time as you guys, they'd probably the best pair in this class."

But it seemed like Athena wasn't listening. She was staring at the large screw on the professor's head, eyes practically on it.

"That's... a really big screw. C-Can I turn it for you?"

"Athena, please."

"B-But, Odysseus. It's... really cute."

"I don't mind if you do. It's getting a bit out of place, anyway," Professor Stein replied.

Her eyes were practically sparkling as she stood on the table and gave the screw some good turns. "Much better," Stein sighed. "Now, go find yourselves a seat."


"Wouldn't it be dangerous to take a new student, when Shibusen is being a target by witches? She could be an asset of them, Shinigami-sama..." The redhead Death Scythe said.

Shinigami-sama only stared at his mirror. "Yes, but she is not. Besides, she might die out there if we don't take her in."

"What does that mean...?"

"She's a strong blade wielder, having been able to use her weapon at such a young age. Their soul wavelengths were a perfect match, yet they know very little of that. If the witches come across them one day, the pair would only be a quick prey."


"Hi, I'm Maka Albarn, and this is my partner, Soul Eater."

"I'm the cool Black Star! And my partner is Tsubaki! Oh wait, let me give you an autograph!"

"I'm Patty! That's my big sister, Liz, and we're the guns of Kidd-kun over there!"

"I'm glad... to meet you all!" Athena said with a bright smile. "Perhaps some time we could do a small training together? I'd really like to see if we could use Team Soul Resonance one day!"

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