Whilst Athena was busy making friends with everyone, Odysseus only sat beside her with his book.

"You're a book lover too, I see," a voice said. He looked up from his book and saw Maka Albarn, the Scythe Technician and daughter of the Death Scythe.

"Athena shares the same interest. We usually prefer reading books than wasting our time on anything else," he replied.

"That's a really good thing. Books can enhance knowledge and vocabulary. Perhaps we could exchange good books some time? I'm happy that someone else here appreciates books. Most people here don't."

The class silenced when Professor Stein came in on his swivel chair and pushed his glasses up his nose. "Athena, Shinigami-sama wishes to speak with you."

Odysseus closed his book and prepared to stand up to escort his partner, when a cigarette flew past him, missing him by a perfect inch.

"I said 'Athena'," the professor said.

"I'd be fine..." His partner assured him as she walked past him and left the room.

Shinigami-sama wants to see her, huh. What could be the reason?

"Faculty members are being suspected to be eyes of the witches here in Shibusen," Shinigami-sama told Athena. "Their motives are still not known, and their works seemed to be flawless. I myself have my own suspucions of who those undercovers might be, and so does Professor Stein."

"Do you wish for me to finish them?"

The other chuckled. "No, no. I want you to team up with Stein. He is good when it comes to observing and learning facts and datas of people."

"You want an assessment of each faculty, but they must not know of that, right?"

"Right. You're a wise girl. Can you do it?"

"Sure thing, sir. I wouldn't have accepted the offer of entering Shibusen if I can't."

After a moment of complete silence, Shinigami finally asked, "Do you want to know who is Stein suspicious of?"


"One of the faculty members -- Medusa."


Her first encounter of Medusa was in the hall, while the latter spoke with a cunning smile to Professor Stein. They seemed to be talking about something serious, and she'd never been glad she asked Odysseus to fetch her some books in the library.

"Professor Stein!" She called out on purpose, and she ran towards the man. "Here are the papers you asked me to file.~"

"That's good. I'm glad I could count on you as an assistant, Athena," the male replied.

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