Grow Up (A One Direction Fanfic)

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** May be giving this novel a big edit and clean up in future! Keep an eye out :)


Hey guys! Well, this is my new fanfic! Hope you all like it! xxxx

Chapter 1

"Aria! You coming? If you want to get on that plane we've got to leave now!" I hear my mum shout from the kitchen where she is probably making her fifth cup of tea for the morning.
"I be a sec!" I yell back frantically searching around my room for my iPod charger. I chuck it into my navy blue school P.E bag, which is big enough to carry all my stuff, and then sling the bag over my shoulder. Then I pause for a short second to look at myself in my mirror, my dirty blonde hair is out, falling just below my shoulders and my blue eyes are shining with excitement, I'm wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a stripy knit top with a pair of my old vans. It'a pretty casual, but I'm only going to be sitting on a plane, and then I'll get changed later for the concert.
I grab my trench coat with my other hand and dashed into the lounge.
"Lets get outta here!" I yell and my parents turn to smile at me.
"Ok then birthday girl, let's go!" says my mum and we all head out of the house, meaning my mum, dad, younger brother and me.
Well it's probably time for me to introduce myself, I'm Aria Ferguson and today is the eighth of October, my fifteenth birthday. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand which is a town at the bottom of the South island where the weather changes rapidly, believe me, you can have all four seasons in one day down here! Um what else? Well I adore a band called One Direction, and as a twist of luck my birthday landed on the same day as their Auckland concert, so I am flying up there today with a few of my friends to stay with my bestie Stephanie who lives in Auckland.
On the drive to town I pull out my iPhone and stick my headphones in my ears, flicking through my songs until I find a good one for the drive, after a few minutes of mindless flicking I settle on Cameo Lover by Kimbra and bob my head in time to the catchy beat.
A few minutes later we pull up in front of my friends house and I jump out of the car and grab my bag out of the back.
"Bye guys! Thanks so much for letting me go to this! Love you!" I say to my parents and brother, giving them a quick kiss each.
"Bye honey! Be safe!" my mum yells back as I dash up the steps to my friends front door, I hear the car drive away and push the buzzer on the side of the door, I hear a few footsteps and then the door flies open.
"Aria, oh my god! Happy fifteenth! Are you excited?" my friend Becca squeals, her black hair bouncing in its pony tail.
"I cant believe it either Becca! I never thought this day would come!" I reply as she leads me inside the house.
"Ok we've just got to wait for Jordy to arrive and then we are off to the airport!" Becca explains as she leads me into the lounge.
"Hey Aria! Happy birthday!" Becca's mum says, entering the lounge with a few suitcases.
"Thanks!" I reply happily.
That's when we hear the doorbell ring again.
"Hey Jordy!" Becca and I cheer, opening the door to reveal a girl with dark brown hair that was pulled up into a bun on her head with a few wavy strands loose.
"Hey guys!" Jordy replies, smiling sweetly at us.
We leave Becca and Jordy's mums to talk for a bit and the three of us dash up to Becca's room.
"Loving your walls gurl!" I chuckle as we enter Becca's room, only to find it smothered in One Direction posters. I stride over to her bed and sit down on the blue white and red duvet.
"Oh Liam, marry me please!" Jordy sighs, taking a seat next to me on the bed.
"You wish!" I laugh, because we are all only fifteen and don't have a chance with any of the boys.
"Oh I do!" Becca giggles, staring at a poster of Harry.
"Guys, let's get realistic here! We are only fifteen! Even Harry wouldn't date us. We just have to find a guy who lives here and that is our age to date!" I say, and the two of them turn to look at me.
"Party pooper! And on your own birthday!" Remarks Jordy, her brown eyes widening.
"Come on Aria! A girl can dream!" Adds Becca, flashing me a smile.
"I guess so." I finally reply, flopping back on the bed to stare up at Becca's ceiling, which is pretty bare to be honest.
"So birthday girl, who's your favorite member?" Becca asks me as her and Jordy flop back on the bed to stare up at the ceiling with me.
"I'm a directioner! I can't choose! I love them all!" I protest, causing Jordy to roll over and prop herself up on her elbow to look me in the eye.
"We're directioners to Aria! Don't you forget it! We love them all too, but every girl is allowed to have one that makes them go weak at the knees more than the rest of them." She says, turning a little serious.
"Fine then, It would be Louis." I reply and they both grin, looking a little like cats.
"Aww, you guys would be so cute together! I can just see the headlines, Aria and Louis the hot new it couple!" Becca gushes, making us all crack up.
"Bec's a few little problems here! One, He's 20. Two, he's famous and I'm just, well me. And three, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND WHO I ADORE!" I say, shouting a little at the end which makes them both laugh even more.
"Girls! We need to leave now if you want to make it to the airport on time!" Becca's mum shouts up the stairs at us.
"Coming!" Becca yells back, and the three of us dash down the stairs, managing to trip up on them a few times in our haste.
"Aggh! I can't believe this is actually happening!" squeals Jordy as we grab our bags, since we were only staying one night in Auckland we only needed carry on luggage, so luckily it was easy to carry them out of the house.

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