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one month later

Everyone was helping Casey and I move into our new house.

Our house.

"who's that?" Ashton spoke in a baby voice as he held Cayden- pointing to Casey.

Cayden made grabby hands at Casey- whining out, trying to make Ashton hand her to her.

"Who do you want to go to?" Ashton asked, wanting nothing but for Cayden to say her first word.

Cayden started fully crying, making Ashton huff, slowly handing her to Casey, who shushed her and bounced her lightly.

"Hi pretty baby" I spoke, kissing Casey's cheek as I tickled Caydens stomach lightly.

Her eyes blinked to me- the tears still fresh on her cheeks from Ashton's difficultness.

I wiped them away, kissing her head gently.

Soon we all took a break from unloading, sitting on the empty floor with Ben and Cayden, Cayden watching Ben with amusement as he crawled around, trying to demonstrate what she should do.

Calum held Cayden in the position to crawl as she giggled loudly, making everyone in the house awe.

"She's not holding herself up" Calum laughed, sitting Cayden on her butt and holding her up so she could look to all of us

"What do you think?" Calum asked her.

"Mama" she spoke- as clear as day

Everyone's jaws dropped, everyone stared to one another.

"Good girl!" Casey was the first to praise her, immediately giving her kisses and affection, making her know that what she did was good.

Ashton was ecstatic.

I was relieved that her first word was mama and not shit or fuck, because those three words were the top of our vocabulary lately

You'd swear we had all just won the lottery

We all ended up ordering pizza, eating on the unfurnished living room floor, us all talking, trying to her Cayden to repeat mama, watching Ben try and show Cayden how to crawl.

"What happens when she gets my size?" Ben asked us.

"Nothing Ben, she just isn't a baby anymore" Calum answered.

He seemed disappointed

"She just gets bigger and bigger?" He asked slowly.

"Yeah buddy, just like you are" Ashton spoke.

"Can you have another little one?" He asked, making every person in the room look to me as Luke- just as I had bitten into a piece of pizza.

"Yeah- can you have another little one?" Michael almost gleamed

"And not go into labor the same time as my other patient this time" Ashton shot a glance to me, making me roll my eyes lightly.

"On a serious note though" Calum mumbled, holding pizza in his hand, keeping his eyes mainly on Luke.

"You two planning on more kids?" He asked.

Luke and I looked to each other, making us both smile.

"Let's move into the house first and see where it goes from there."  Luke spoke for us

"Well- we can be expecting a baby announcement in the next two months" My mom joked out, making Luke and I laugh lightly

"Wait" Ben spoke slowly.

"You help make the baby?" He asked Luke.

All the laughter and jokes faded quick.

"Uh- yeah" Luke hesitated to answer the question, glancing to Calum the entire time.

"How's that work?" He tilted his head, purely confused.

Everyone looked at each other- no one knowing what to say.

Michael cleared just throat- making Calum's eyes widen- scared of what Michael was about to tell his son

"It works by love" michael spoke- making all of us stare to him.

"If you're old enough and you love someone enough and spend enough time with them, you end up making a baby that you can share and love on together" he explained- making us all almost awe, his explanation working for Ben as he nodded slowly.

"I hope I can love someone enough soon-" "Woah there!" Calum cut Ben off with a yell, making us all break into laughter

                                the end.

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