Mami rubbed the back of her neck, a feeling of distress beginning to twist in her body as she came nearer and nearer to her house. She didn’t want to go back but she knew it was best. It’s not as if there was anywhere else for her to go at the moment. It wasn’t as if she could just run off to Haruna’s house right now like she used to. For a second, her mind had considered it after those thoughts. She had considered making the long detour to check up on Haruna… But what if Madoka and Ken’ichi were there? Her attempts to ensure Haruna was safe could very well end up getting the brunette even more hurt if they were there.

She knew it was best to keep away. She knew it was best to lock her emotions away and prevent herself from doing something stupid for both her and Haruna. She had to take a page from Haruna’s own book on how to pretend she didn’t care as much as she truly did. Even so, the worry in Mami’s mind for the leader persisted on. As she walked home from Tomomi’s house, she continued to think about that day she had snuck into Haruna’s house. She continued to think about the way she had seen Haruna helplessly laying there – something she hadn’t seen from the boss in forever. Haruna might not have told her what happened but Mami could see clearly how angry Madoka was over the visit from the police… A visit that was partially Mami’s fault.

Were they still angry over it? Were they going to continue hurting her over it? Mami didn’t want to know the answers to those sorts of questions yet at the same time, she desperately needed to know. Mami knew Haruna could handle the physical abuse; she could withstand any hits. But the harsh words Mami knew Madoka was capable of… She knew those words could break Haruna into pieces. Haruna wasn’t as mentally strong as she was physically; she was fragile and Mami knew that Madoka was aware of every way to break Haruna down.

Mami groaned loudly, muttering a small ‘damn it’ underneath her breath. Why did things have to go this way? Just for once, why couldn’t they ever catch a break? It seemed like the girls truly were cursed to suffer without much reprieve.

She blew out a huff of air as she came up to her house, seeing a light on through the living room window and knowing full well that her mother was indeed home. She drew in the breath she had just exhaled, wrapping her hand tighter around the handle of her bag. She made her way into the house as quietly as possible, hoping to not alert her mother of her presence too soon. Mami hoped that tonight, of all nights, her mother would be passed out again like she usually was. She just wanted life to give her this once small thing tonight.

The blonde slipped out of her shoes, grabbing the bag she had sat down to take them off before setting off further into the house. She walked carefully and quietly to find her way into the living room. As she stepped into the living room, she could see her mother sitting in one of the chairs fully awake – much to Mami’s dismay. Her mother noticed her presence instantly, looking up and narrowing at her formerly missing daughter.

“You finally decide to come home?”

Mami would cringe at the angry tone her mother used had she not be so used to hearing it. She was though; that tone was one her mother had spoken to her in more times than she could remember. The times she had heard it were uncountable. It didn’t phase Mami even though she knew of what usually came she heard that angry and hateful tone from her mother.

“Where were you earlier?” Her mother asked as she pushed herself out of the chair. She crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes at the blonde who stared at her with disinterest. Natsumi scoffed and rolled her eyes; it was just like Mami to not even care. “I asked you for one favor, Mami. I mentioned this weeks ago. I reminded you time and time again. I asked you for one thing but you can’t even care enough about someone else to remember.”

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