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one week later

Everything had thankfully settled down.

We were all home, the house was cleaned and erased from what happened

Things still bothered Casey- which we expected, I mean shit- I was dreaming about it and I wasn't stabbed by my sister.

After a few therapy sessions, Ben had finally grasped what happened and seemed to be doing okay.

We still had follow ups scheduled, but he was happy again- and thankfully no longer in the daycare that he was bullied in.

Calum and Kathy took a very much needed vacation together- letting Michael and Ash babysit Ben.

They needed a break from all of this- and they were thankfully getting that.

I kissed Casey as she breastfed Cayden on the couch, myself starting to cook for Ashton, Michael and Ben to come over for dinner and a movie.

"Luke" I heard Casey say, seeing her soon appear, seeing her watching Cayden eat as she spoke.

"Remember all the stuff you told me when Calum was stitching my arm?" She asked me, making me instantly smile

"Our future?" I asked her.

"Yeah- that" she smiled back to me.

"Did you mean all of that?" She asked me slowly.

I laughed lightly- stepping away from the food I was cooking, turning the burner off

I opened my computer, which was conveniently on the bar, a real estate website with a house about three miles from here popping up onto the screen- the one I was looking at.

"You tell me" I mumbled to her, seeing her smile.

"So even though I have crazy family drama that almost gets you killed, you still want in on all that?" She laughed to me.

"Baby, I was already in on it" I laughed- kissing her again gently before kissing Cayden's head gently.

"I mean- is this what you want?" I quickly asked her, soon realizing that I had never even asked her if she wanted to get serious-serious with me.

I watched her smile grow as she laughed lightly

"Luke" she laughed

"This is what I've wanted for forever now."

"Well- I'm so glad that we can agree on that note."

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