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"She's stitched- no bleeding" Calum spoke- making everyone immediately look to her vitals.

"Her blood pressure and body temperature is low- let's get a heating blanket on her!" Ashton snapped.

As Calum cleaned the blood off of her arm, nurses threw heating blankets on her.

She never let go of my hand.

We all stood around her in anticipation- waiting for the numbers to go up

And thankfully- they did.

She started regaining color, she became more responsive and alert as to what happened.

Michael soon joined us, announcing that Casey's mom had the kids.

And just like when she was in the hospital with pneumonia

We all climbed into the bed with her.

And we held her as she cried- the thought of her sister doing this to her devastating her.

Soon Calum and I was helping her shower the blood off.

The morphine in her system was making her woozy and a little loopy, which caused giggles and many trips.

She stood in her bra and shorts as we washed the blood off everything- careful to not get her stitches too wet due to them being brand new.

"Out of all the shit that's happened to me." She mumbled- closing her eyes tightly as I washed the shampoo from her hair, getting the blood out of it.

"This is the weirdest thing that you guys have had to help me with." She laughed lightly, making Calum and I look to each other and smile.

"What time is it?" She asked as I turned the shower off, throwing a towel over her body and drying her hair with a towel as Calum brought in clothes for her.

"Six" Calum told her slowly.

I saw her eyes widen.

"Cayden eats at five thirty-" "There's frozen bottles in my fridge, your mom fed her, I've already talked to her." Calum told her calmly, letting her body relax.

"Can she bring her up here?" She asked, making me glance to Calum, who looked to be hesitating


I helped her change slowly as Calum called her mom.

"Better?" I asked her slowly, putting a bandage over her stitches after putting ointment on it.

She hugged me tightly

"I'm sorry that I scared the fuck out of you." She spoke into my chest.

"Please- never ever sacrifice your own life for mine, Casey" I whispered to her.

She looked to me- never letting me go.

"Hopefully I'll never have to again."

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