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today was friday. meaning wonwoo had only two days to prepare himself before he had to start reforming the delinquent that was, kim mingyu. he didn't know what to expect. he was hoping that mingyu would brush off the incident that happened, have a fresh start. he hoped mingyu wasn't going to be that petty to hold a grudge against wonwoo just because of a small thing like that.

what would he be like? who did he hang out with? what did he do when he wasn't at school? he had so many questions, wanting them to be answered when he was with mingyu. the delinquent was very mysterious to wonwoo, almost like a book that he has yet to open. before the principal had called him in, wonwoo didn't know much about mingyu, nor encountered him before. only the occasional glance in the hallways or seeing him peep around the corner.

either way, wonwoo's first impression of mingyu was a heartless jerk who was obsessed with personal space, based off from what he gathered earlier. he wanted to change that impression. maybe they could be friends? pfft. how could they? they were polar opposites. wonwoo would keep this mission strictly professional, just do what he was asked to do by the principal. besides, he didn't want to be the reason the dude got expelled. but would mingyu care if he got expelled? probably not is what wonwoo thought.

wonwoo sat through the last class before dismissal, doing the work but his mind being somewhere else. his mind focused on how the hell would he reform the delinquent, kim mingyu.

as for mingyu? he was outside by the bleachers, spray painting the new set whilst sucking on another apple flavoured lollipop. to him, this was fun. graffitiing the school property, get caught, feeling the thrill of being chased; mingyu found it exciting. it was strange to others, but some found it amusing.

today's artwork was a pink hued sunrise, a crescent moon dipping into the horizon as the circular sun rose in the east of the bleacher. since the back was flat, it was a perfect canvas for mingyu's work. he finished it off with a small signature of his initials in a silver, metallic spray paint, letting everyone in the school know he created it.

the school bell chimed, and mingyu sat on top of the bleachers, watching as the students flood out the school in their respected groups, going home for the day. he scoffed to himself, "idiots."

"you say that as if you aren't one yourself." a familiar voice spoke near him. he looked down to see minghao smirking, leaning on the side of the bleachers.

"ouch. insulting much."

"when are you going to stop ditching class?" minghao asked, turning to face mingyu this time. mingyu laughed.

"when you finally talk to the boy you've been admiring." he jumped down, skipping the flight of seats as he landed next to minghao. "what was his name again?"

"never gonna tell ya." minghao rolled his eyes as he walked away, towards the school gates with mingyu following close behind. "what was that earlier?" he asked, not turning to look at mingyu.

"what was what?"

"that little show you put on with the council president. you know, when you put on that fake tough guy act." they walked side by side as they reached their bikes parked outside he school.

"to be honest? i don't know. just being near that guy pisses me off." mingyu replied, leaping onto his motorcycle. minghao chuckles, "what's there to be pissed off about? the dude's practically a saint."

"that's what pisses me off! the fact that he acts all perfect and he's so- good all the time, it annoys me!"

"you're just jealous people won't like you even if you acted like him." minghao laughed, but mingyu didn't. what he said hit a nerve, reminded him of a bad memory he so desperately wanted to forget. he turned on the engine and before he drove off, he muttered, "don't assume things that you don't know if they're true."

minghao was left in the dust, speechless from what mingyu last said. maybe i shouldn't have said anything. but he didn't understand what he said wrong. since the day the two met each other, mingyu has always been the closed off and mysterious one out of the two. mingyu never really opened up to minghao, even though they were best friends. mingyu wore a mask that hid the suffering teenage boy, covered up by a fearless, care free delinquent demeanour.

and minghao never looked any further. he obviously cared about mingyu, he was his best friend. but he was too scared to push mingyu. he was scared to see who was really behind that mask.

to see how much mingyu was suffering.

he brushed it off like it was nothing.

just like everyone else.

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