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That caught her attention.

"Casey- shut the fuck-" Macey's hand cut Luke off.

I let tears fall.

"You want me to kill you?" I watched her eyes twitch- the high of whatever drug she was on was getting to her.

"You want revenge for our life" I spoke, watching her nod.

"The only way you'll ever feel satisfied is if I'm dead." I cried to her.

"So please, let Luke go get my baby and Ben- and just get your revenge on me." I sobbed to her.

Luke had tears rolling down his face as she kept his mouth shut.

"Not a word, or I kill her immediately" she whispered to Luke, making him keep his mouth shut as he cried- watching her come to me.

She crouched in front of me.

She touched the blade to my arm, making my eyes water even more, but I kept eye contact with her.

"If this is what you have to do, do it" I cried out to her.

She cut straight down my arm, right where someone would cut if they were committing suicide.


I got a call from Casey- confusing me.

I answered, hearing Ben crying

"Ben, what's wrong?" I asked .

"Macey hurt Uncle Luke- and I think she's hurting sissy, I called 911 but they aren't here" he cried into the phone.

"Ben- stay right where you are- hide, get in the closet and hide, I'm coming."

I grabbed Ashton and Michael and went ninety the whole way- pulling up to her house seeing asstons of police- so we ran in too


I watched as Casey held her bleeding arm.

She cried, trying not to look at me.

I felt the gun touching the back of my neck

If I spoke one word- I was dead, and Casey having to watch me die as she bled out herself was not something I wanted.

I prayed.

I prayed.

I prayed.

"Feeling weak yet- want me to go back to Luke?" She raises her eyebrows.

Say yes.

I prayed.

Let her kill me

You have to be here for Cayden

Cayden needs her mom.

"I can't live without Luke" she cried out, making more tears fall down my face.

Just as Macey touched the blade to her opposite arm- the door busted open- ten cops instantly running in the house yelling for everyone to freeze, and everyone surely froze, Macey exchanging a glance with the men behind me.

"Weapons down, now!" A cop yelled.

I felt the gun come off my neck, hearing it hit the floor as I watched Macey drop her knife.

Five of the cops put their weapons down, immediately tackling Macey and the men to the ground as I kept my eyes on Casey- who was laying on her side on the ground- still holding her arm to her chest.

"Unite me- I'm a fucking doctor!" I yelled.

It took longer than I wanted, but they got me untied and I ran to Casey .

I immediately ripped a blanket that was on the couch, tying it around the top of her arm to stop the blood flow to where she wouldn't lose as much blood.

She was already laying in a huge puddle of her own blood

"Casey- talk to me" I panicked.

"Go her Cayden and Ben." She whispered as I picked her up.

I looked to the door as I started running outside- needing to get her to the hospital.

I saw Calum, Michael and Ash

"The kids are in our room- Casey is dying- someone get the kids and someone help me."

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