Destined for Death

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"And, three, two, one," I raise a finger, a satisfied grin settling on my lips when I hear the familiar crash and thundering roar of my beautiful Hadania storming her way into my place of solace.

"Mjoki," she shouts, her velvet voice is as soothing as it is fear invoking. If one were to combine the sweetest honey with the most poisonous plant, that would be her note. A symphony of death and destruction that you would never hear coming because her melodic chorus is all too overpowering. "I know you're in here, you son of a bitch."

My grin widens. She's not wrong. Loki, my father, is one hell of a bitch.

Before I have the chance to call out and let her know that I'm sitting in wait, I hit the marble wall on the other side of the room, destroying several very expensive sculptures as I go, and collapse on the floor, face first, with a grunt. My low laugh sounds more like a groan as I roll on to my back and peer through white dancing dots at the Goddess standing on the other side of the room. Her stance is rigid, her beautiful skin ignited with rage and her silk smooth hair cascades down her shoulders, not a strand out of place despite no doubt flying here at the speed of light so that she can kill me with her bare hands.

I slowly pull myself up and think that perhaps I've taken things too far this time. She doesn't usually throw her beaming blasts of power at me until we've verbally sparred for a moment or two. I like to think of it as foreplay.

"Hello darling, you seem upset?"

She bares her teeth, lifts her fist and again, I'm sent into the wall at a force so great, I'm winded. I cough and wait to come right before I stand up again. It'll take a moment.

"You've gone too far this time Mjoki. Too far. You can hurt me. You can do it time and time again. But you can't hurt my people. Fatalities, Mjoki. You killed three of my girls."

I stand up again, feeling right as rain and stare at my love. I had considered the fact that there could be casualties when I left a stolen shield belonging to Hel, my dear, vengeful sister, at the land of Amazio, so that Hel didn't find it with me. Hel wouldn't have had to find the shield to serve her revenge though. Its power is enough to kill Amazonians at a mere touch. My beautiful Hadania isn't just an Amazonian though. Her father is Vidar, God of Vengeance. She can withstand the power of another God. I had been hoping she'd find it first and I'd laugh when she threw it like a frisbee straight back in here.

That was how these things went. I ticked her off. She appeared and then, if I was lucky, she'd let me ravish her. It's clear that I've pissed her off past the point of her shaking her head with disapproval though.

See, although we steal these brief moments of touching and teasing, we were born to hate each other. Born to be sworn enemies. Hadania was raised to see that I die and with me, my bloodline. That's what happens when your father kills her father.

Vidar, Hadania's father tried to kill my mother, Freya, for changing the desires of Hadania's mother, Hippolyta.

Are you still with me?

Freya believed that it was unnatural for Gods to reproduce with Amazonians. So Freya altered Hippolyta's desires and thus, she fell out of love with Vidar. Naturally, this really pissed Vidar off. He tried to kill mother. So, father killed him but at this point, Hippolyta was already pregnant. Enter, Hadania. She was born with the beauty, grace and strength of an Amazonian but with the power of a God. Not to mention her father was the literal God of vengeance. She certainly got that part of his DNA.

And as we encountered one another, over the course of our existence, we've fallen in love. She refuses to acknowledge it in any other form aside from the occasional mind-blowing quickie. I'm convinced that if she wanted me dead, she'd have killed me by now. She's not weak at all. She might even be stronger than I.

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