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I didn't hesitate

I ran Bentley and Cayden to my room.

"Ben, stay in here and stay quiet- do not come out no matter what you hear- okay buddy?" I asked him, laying Cayden in a bassinet to where he could touch her if he needed to.

"Sissy- what was wrong with uncle Luke?" He asked me, tears in his eyes.

"I don't know bubba, I'm going to go find out, be as quiet as you can, but call 911 and tell them you're scared, okay buddy?" I spoke, holding his head.

"I am scared sissy-" "you're okay Ben, be brave for me- I'm not letting anyone hurt you."

I locked him in the room, knowing I had the key to unlock it before running back to my living room, moving to touch Luke.

"Touch him and I'll kill you." One of the men spoke pointing a gun to me, making me lift my hands

"What do you want- Macey?" I asked.

"You dead- to be honest" she spoke, putting a pill in her mouth, swallowing it.

"Okay- we can talk about this, but you don't have to involve my family" my voice cracked as she came closer and closer to me.

"I don't see why they love you so much" she spoke.

"Macey- you don't have to do this-" "shut the fuck up." She spoke- oddly calm, showing me that she had a knife in hand.

"So here's how we are going to do this" she touched the knife blade to my cheek, making me try my hardest not to show her that she was scaring the fuck out of me.

"I need all the money that you have hidden throughout this house, because I know for a fact that you have three hundred dollars here." She spoke.

"In my bathroom." I immediately told her.

Her eyebrows raised

"In the makeup bag under my sink- it's more than three hundred- just take it and go" I spoke- watching one of the men immediately go upstairs.

"And go? But where's the fun in that?" She wrinkled her nose to me.

"Macey- you cant do this to me" I whispered

"Why the fuck can't I?" She laughed- getting me against the wall, her knife to my throat.

"I'm your sister-" "no- dad disowned you." She spoke, making a tear slip out of my eye.

"We were in the fucking womb together" I cried.

"Please don't do this, Macey" I cried out to her.

"That's good, beg me for your life"

She was sick

But I begged

"Macey- please, I'll give you everything- I have more money in my bank account, I have expensive jewelry- I'll give you this fucking house, just let us go" I cried out to her.

For a second, I saw her face soften

But then it clicked straight back into sickness

She rubbed the knife blade against my cheeks.

"Wake up Luke" she spoke.

"No" I panicked

"Leave Luke out of this!" I screamed as they hit him- pouring water on him, slowly gaining his consciousness.

"Don't fucking touch him!" I was screaming- actually fighting the girl with a knife to my neck to make her let me go.

"Shut the fuck up" he pointed the gun straight at me as I saw Luke's head pop up, confusion across his face.

"So here's what happens now, I'm going to slowly- and very slowly kill Luke." Macey spoke.

"It's Luke, Macey!" I screamed at her, crying violently.

"He's been here for us for almost eight years-" "but you're in love with him" she smiled.

"So I'm going to take everything you love, and then watch you have to live a life all alone." She spoke

"And that's all I've wanted to see ever since dad left us."

I sobbed to her.

"Macey- please, don't hurt him" she held my arm- taking me directly in front of him, pushing me to my knees.

I looked up- seeing his face

He was angry
He was scared
He was confused

"I'm so fucking sorry" I cried to him.

"Casey- this isn't-" Macey put her hand over his mouth

"Where should we start cutting him until he bleeds out" she hummed, glancing to him as I cried- trying to think of anything to get us out of this.

And then it hit me

If I was gone- she would have no reason to kill him

To kill anyone

She wanted me to suffer

So as she glanced to Luke- trying to find anyway to drive me insane- I spoke

"Macey" I spoke

"What" she spat

"Kill me."

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