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"Well, I better go so you guys can get back to work" I exhaled- looking to Calum as he held my child's head to his head, bouncing her lightly- just bonding silently with her as she fell asleep slowly due to herself being milk drunk.

"Can you pick up Bentley from daycare today? Some kids have been giving him trouble and he's like miserable, mind watching him for a few hours? We're bringing him to a new daycare tomorrow until school starts back." Cal told me slowly.

"Of course- I can even watch him until school starts back if you want." I offered.

"No- that's a lot between Cayden and-" "cal, Ben is a huge help everytime he's with me and Cayden- and he loves our time together, let me do it" I spoke to him, seeing him sending me questionable looks.

"I'll have to bring him over at like five in the morning-" "that's breakfast time for Cayden- she's normally already awake anyway" Luke admitted to him, myself nodding in agreement.

"Okay- but as soon as he gives you trouble, you tell me and we will do something different-" "he will be no trouble, Cal."

I gave everyone hugs goodbye, Luke walking me and Cayden to my car.

He put her in her car seat- kissing her goodbye before turning to me.

"I'll see you when I get home?" He smiled, making me smile in agreement.

"Will do" I pecked his lips slowly.

I picked up Ben- who was down, and I instantly noticed that my happy boy was sad.

"People are mean in there?" I asked him slowly, watching him nod as he leaned forward, looking into Cayden's car seat- which made a smile come to his face.

"What do they say?" I asked him slowly.

"They make fun of my curls" he spoke, touching his curly hair slowly

"And more" he whispered out.

"Ben- your curls are so precious, you got that from your dad, that's nothing to be ashamed of." I told him slowly.

"What about how short I am?" He asked.

"You're still growing, buddy, you gotta give it time and I'm sure you'll be taller than I am" I told him- seeing his face almost light up.

"Are you sure?" He smiled.

"I can't promise you, but if you get anymore of your dads genes, I'm sure you'll be very tall." I assured him as he smiled wider.

"How about I take you and Cayden to get frozen yogurt and maybe go play at the park?" I suggested.

"Let's go!" He bounced.

So that's what we did.

I bought him and myself frozen yogurt before we went to the park.

I let him play until I knew Luke would be getting home soon, due to him getting off early on Tuesdays.

I texted Cal a few pictures and told him that he could pick Ben up from my house.

I drove home, getting Cayden out and seeing Luke's car, making Ben lead the way inside- himself excited to see Luke.

"Uncle Luke!" He yelled as we ran inside, but the sight made both Ben and I freeze.

As I started to Luke who was unconscious and tied up in a chair- I heard the door shut and lock behind me.

I saw two men walk out from the kitchen- and I looked behind me seeing the unthinkable

My twin sister

She was almost bald

Acne everywhere

Two missing teeth- from what I could see

And face and neck tattoos.

"Macey- what the hell." I spoke quickly.

"Put the kids somewhere unless you want them involved."

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