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three weeks later.

"That's a big girl" I spoke in my baby voice to Cayden as I dressed her, getting her ready to go see the guys on their lunch break.

I dressed her, myself changing into jeans and a t shirt before carrying her to my car.

I put her in the car seat, making sure she was buckled correctly before I drove us to the hospital, listening to her baby talk.

"My Princess is so talkative today." I smiled to her as I picked her up after parking in the hospital parking lot.

I carried her and her baby bag into the hospital, seeing several familiar nurses and doctors as I walked through the hallways.

I made it into Calum's office- seeing all of the guys.

"Our pretty girls!" Michael instantly yelled out, standing to take Cayden from me as I carefully handed her to him.

"Hi" I spoke to Luke as soon as he came to me, pecking my lips before taking the baby bag from me

"Hi" he responded in the same tone with a smile.

"Hey cal" I spoke, kissing his cheek as he read papers at his desk, giving me the smallest hum, telling me he was concentrated.

"Save the best for last" Ashton grinned as I came to him, hugging him with a greeting

"Always" I smiled.

We all sat down and ate, Michael managing to hold Cayden while eating.

Once Ashton finished eating, he took Cayden, holding her in his lap.

"Such a strong baby girl, you can almost completely hold yourself up!" He seemed so ecstatic as he spoke.

"Those thighs" Luke laughed as everyone focused to her, Luke lightly squeezing her chubby thighs, making her smile widely.

"There's that beautiful smile!" Calum spoke from his desk, making me realize that he had stopped reading to look to her.

One positive thing about raising her with my family

She would have the most positive and confidence boosting uncles, dad figure and grandpa in the world.

Ashton was soon standing, bouncing her as he walked, until I saw him freeze, making a small "oop" noise.

He turned to me, mumbling a small "I think she's hungry" showing me that her hand was down his shirt, her head tilting towards his chest- which is what she does to me when she's hungry.

"I would say so" I laughed, hearing all the guys laughing in unison.

"I don't think my boobs would do much justice for you, Babygirl- go to mama" Ashton laughed lightly, carrying her to me.

"Do you want us to leave?" Cal asked as Luke grabbed a blanket for me.

"No" I immediately spoke, more than confused as to why they would leave- they've seen me give birth, and watched me breast feed dozens of times.

"Just making sure- I know sometimes you might want privacy and I don't want you to feel like you need to leave." Cal assured me quickly.

"No, I'm fine- I promise" I assured them all.

Luke helped me set her up under the blanket- us all laughing as she grunted lightly- making me know that she wanted food.

I finally got her eating, patting her butt as I fed her.

"She's going to be so damn spoiled when she's older" Michael laughed lightly as I smiled in unison.

"Shit, she's spoiled now" I shot to him- seeing Ashton glance to me

"Language- she'll be talking before you know it."

"And her first word better be mama, not shit." Calum grinned.

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