[Love and Tears] part 18.

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"Who was that?" Danielle asked me, after I had slammed the door behind the rude woman when she stormed off. I entered back into my room, where Danielle was laying comfortably on my bed.

"Urg. I don't even know." I responded, laying back down. I mean, what idiot knocks and runs? Especially at her age. I was trying to do something nice for her and show her my locket and she just ran off. I tried to shake the thought off. It was probably nothing. Probably like the wrong door something.

"Right." Danielle replied. She stared into my eyes happily. I raised an eyebrow at her. What was she doing? "I love you."

Okay then... I was thinking. "I love you too?" I replied, not really knowing what to say to that.

"No, I mean I really... love you." She said, gently brushing my neck with her lips.

"Danielle!" I screamed, pushing her off me. "What are you doing!?" I demanded, jumping off the bed. She burst out laughing.

"You should of seen your face!" She roared, laughing harder. "It was just a joke. You was like-" She said, mimicking my facial expressions. I blushed.

"Well, you was very believable." I told her. "You really got me convinced that you was like a lesbian or something."

Her face turned from laughter to anger. "What? What if I was a lesbian? What would you do?"

I blushed again, forcing my mind to think under pressure. "Nothing. I-"

"You know, if your a homophobic then tell me and I'll leave! Because my sister's a lesbian and I love her very much!" She yelled, getting up.

"What? No, Danielle. It was a joke, I-" She started laughing again.

"Your face, again!" She laughed. 

"Oh my goodness, Danielle! Stop doing that! You really scared me! Have you ever thought about acting or something? Because your really good at it." I told her, forcing the blush in my face to dim.

"No. My mum doesn't have money for that." She said. I couldn't help but chuckle at her honesty.

"Oh my goodness. Trust you to say something like that." I said, still chuckling.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing. Anyway..." I said, changing the subject. "Budge up. Your taking all the room." I told her, pushing her to the side a bit.

"You're calling me fat now?"

"Don't even start with that acting stuff again." I commanded. She chuckled.

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