Otherwise Engaged

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"I'm telling you right now: I'm not going to fuck her

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"I'm telling you right now: I'm not going to fuck her." I glare at the agents, who are staring at laptop screens, calibrating the audio on the little microphones embedded in my cufflinks.

"Of course not. Sex is the last thing we want. How would we explain that to a judge?" the Cuban agent, Camilo, says.

I heave a sigh. Between the conversation with Alberto and the proposal with Christina, I thought this would be over by now. I thought there'd be enough evidence to arrest them and I could move on.

With Justine.

The FBI wants a mountain of evidence so they can score a rock-solid indictment. Which makes sense, and I'm glad they're being thorough.

But I miss Justine. She's in my thoughts every moment, and sometimes at night I miss her physical presence so much that my muscles ache.

And so I'm sitting in a condo in Christina's building, on the top floor, ten floors above where she lives. It's a few days after the proposal, a day so revolting that I've tried to compartmentalize it, push it down, and forget.

There are seven agents here, including surveillance experts and investigators. The agents rented the place specifically for this purpose, so they could both keep tabs on her during the week and listen to our conversation this evening while we have dinner.

Camilo squeezes my shoulder. "Bro, just eat dinner, talk with her, and then leave. Your mic is good to go."

"She's going to find it strange when I don't take her to bed after dinner. Or before. It's not like we haven't already..." I roll my eyes and wave my hand in the air.

Camilo shoots me a sly grin. "Okay. Let's come up with an excuse. How about telling her that you want to respect her and wait for the wedding?"

I screw my eyes shut and pinch the bridge of my nose. "I guess. Dunno if that would work. Either that or I have some sort of business emergency."

He tilts his head. "Possible, but unlikely, right?"

"Yeah. She worked for me. She knows that when I don't want to be disturbed, no one calls or texts."

"You'll have to go the respect route, then."

I shake my head, disgusted. "Do you think this will be over soon?"

"Possibly. If we can get enough evidence. And the white-collar guys are going through the affordable housing stuff."

The agents have been tight-lipped about that angle of the investigation. Probably because they're also investigating me and my business. I have nothing to be nervous about, but it's still unsettling.

"Okay. Let's hope for the best tonight." I'm dreading spending hours with Christina. I stand up and slip on my suit jacket. They want me to act like I'm coming from the office when I arrive at her door.

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