Yes, a Hurricane

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I've been staring at the ocean for at least an hour, sweating in the hot Miami sun out on the balcony, when the phone rings

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I've been staring at the ocean for at least an hour, sweating in the hot Miami sun out on the balcony, when the phone rings. I don't check who it is before picking up, because I'm hoping it's either Justine or my attorney. If it's not, I don't give a fuck.

"Yes?" I'm beyond irritable.

"It's Diana. I wasn't going to call and tell you this, but I'm feeling charitable."

My heart leaps into my throat. "Is she back?" 

"No." She sighs. "I'm angry with you, but I know you're also worried like I am."

"What happened?" I straighten and sit on the edge of my chair.

"Nothing happened. Justine's fine. She got in touch. She called Caroline while we were eating lunch."

"Where is she?

"She didn't tell me. And I didn't ask. She's at a spa resort, and she's okay. She claimed she'd be back in a few days."

I draw in a breath but say nothing.

Maybe I could get an assistant to call around to some of the resorts in Florida. How many can there be?

"I know you're wondering why I didn't ask where she is."

"That's my first question, yes."

"You don't need to sound so sour. Justine was...well, she sounded okay, under the circumstances. She sounded tired. But said she was drinking water and eating well."

"What's she eating?" I demand.

Diana sighs. "I don't know. Tunafish salad. A baguette. Water."

"Did she say anything about me? About the wedding?"

"She apologized to Caroline and I for leaving so quickly. Said she felt guilty."

"Anything else?"

"No. Well, she said she couldn't bear to look at anyone after she saw the story about you."

I shut my eyes and swear under my breath.

"She was crying a little."

"Are you trying to rip my heart out with this phone call?" My voice booms into the hot Miami air.

"No. I'm trying to tell you the facts. Justine's upset. She'll be upset for a while."

"If I could talk with her, I'd explain everything. I'll try calling now."

"Don't expect her to answer. She said she was trying to conserve her cell battery because she doesn't have her charger."

"Christ. She's somewhere out there without her phone charger? What if there's an emergency? What if she's in trouble?"

"She's fine. She's not a helpless damsel. She's a grown-ass woman."

There's a seething pause. "Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it."

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