Born Immortal Chapter 24

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Hi Everybody. Here's a new chapter and I hope you enjoy getting to know our new character better.

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Astyr was sitting in the front seat staring out the window as they drove to school the next day. The scenery was passing in a blur as Glin drove at breakneck speeds down the two-lane road that led to the small town where their school was found. There had been a small argument before leaving the house between Hakon and Glin over who would get the honor of driving but Glin had refused point-blank to crawl into the backseat of Hakon's Camaro. Astyr had volunteered to sit in the back with Gunnar but Glin had made a fuss about that as well very nearly causing them all to be late. The only way to move things along had been to just give in to him and let him have his way.

So Hakon and Gunnar were sitting in the back of Glin's black Maserati Quattroporte as they pulled into the student parking lot. Fortunately, it was so close to time for the bell to ring that there wasn't anyone present to see their grand entrance. Astyr started walking quickly to class with Gunnar without a word to Glin. She was already tired of his attitude and the way he hovered over her like a black cloud, and it had only been two days. She couldn't believe she had to put up with this for two and a half more years.

They entered the class together just as the bell rang and took their seats before the teacher started taking attendance. The class started as usual for a Monday morning with Mrs. Morgan giving them a chapter to read to themselves. They were all silently following instructions when the door opened. Everyone looked up to see who it was and there were a few gasps of surprise as Glin walked in.

Besides being tall and attractive in a quirky way, Glin was dressed entirely in his customary black leather. He had on tight pants and high leather boots with a long coat over his black, tailored, button-down shirt. With his reverse mullet haircut which left the back sticking straight up in spikes, he stood out in the small school like an ink-stain on white linen.

It had been decided that Laure would stay home and only Glin would enroll in classes with Astyr since Tyr, Grima and the Falkors were sure that it would attract too much attention if two unusually blond teenagers were to suddenly enroll in the middle of the semester. Glin had insisted that it would be he who accompanied Astyr since protecting her was his main priority and there was no talking him down since the arguments that he was a little too outlandish just washed right over him.

He looked down his nose imperiously at the class and it was clear that he was taking in every person in the room and judging them to be unfit. He walked over to the teacher's desk with long strides and placed the slip of paper that she had to sign on the edge of her desk.  Mrs. Morgan snapped her jaw shut and picked up the paper using only her thumb and forefinger. She looked from the paper to Glin and back again. "You are Glin Elversen?" She asked him.

He stared at her rudely and answered in a bored voice, "Obviously."

She cleared her throat and had no idea how to respond. She quickly signed the slip and handed him a textbook. "Please take a seat, Glin"

Glin looked up and around the class to see the seating choices and instead of walking to any of the empty seats, walked over to Gunnar, whose desk was beside Astyr's. He stopped beside Gunnar and just stood there waiting for Gunnar to get up.

"Can I help you with something?" Gunnar asked with a straight face.

"Yes," Glin said, "You can let me sit here."

Gunnar raised his eyebrows but made no move to vacate his seat. "This is my desk so you'll have to find somewhere else."

Mrs. Morgan rose from her chair. "Is there a problem Glin?" She asked loudly.

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