you stay the night for the first time

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You jumped when the lightning struck outside the window again.

A bad storm rolled in about an hour ago and was progressively getting worse. Ashley asked you to stay with her tonight - something you've never done before and didn't really prepare for but since you're a little afraid of storms you agreed.

And it feels a lot better to be curled up in your girlfriend's arms rather than your bed when there's a storm raging on just outside the window.

You whimpered and tightened your grip on her sweater when you heard the thunder. "Shh, it's okay." Ashley soothed as she rubbed her hand up and down your back. You started to shiver in her embrace and she frowned. "You cold?" You lifted your head from her neck and nodded. "A little."

Ashley got up and grabbed you one of her hoodies from the closet. you quickly put it on and inhaled the scent that lingered on it. Her scent; the smell of her perfume and laundry soap, a perfect combination. "Thank you" she planted a kiss to your lips and ran her fingers through your soft hair. "It's no problem at all. You warm now?" You put your head on her chest and smiled up at her.

"Yeah. Very." You both went quiet, a comfortable silence lingering around you. All you could hear was the sound of her soft breathing.

She laced your fingers together and held your warm hand securely in yours. "Thank you for letting me stay with you tonight." She grinned. "Oh like I'd let you go out in that awful storm."

"Still. Thank you. I know It was unplanned." Ashley traced your lower lip with her thumb before she kissed you again.

You wrapped your arms around her back and held onto her, even after she pulled away. "It's no problem at all. I'm honestly so happy you're here with me. I've been wanting you to stay with me but I never knew how to ask you."

You put your head on her shoulder and closed your eyes. You felt her pull the blanket over the two of you making you feel even warmer. "I like being here with you. You make me feel safe."

You felt her lips brush across your temple before she started to plant kisses across your forehead. "You're always safe with me. Now go to sleep. I'm here if you need anything." You let out a content sigh and soon fell asleep. You hoped you'd have nights with your girlfriend like this more often.

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