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"don't worry about that jerk, wonwoo." soonyoung said. "he has nothing better to do than pick fights with people he shouldn't."

"thanks, soonyoung. but it was still partly my fault." wonwoo smiled, handing minyoung her folder she left, saying a 'thank you' in return. him and soonyoung started walking away, towards the principal's office. "besides, you shouldn't go around calling people jerks."

"there you go being all goody-goody again, acting like a saint. he deserved to be called a jerk because he was a jerk! he pushed you and didn't even say sorry!" exclaimed soonyoung, exaggerating his point more by waving his arms around like a mad man.

"whatever. i'll see you after class." soonyoung waved to him as he walked further down the hallway, soonyoung taking a left turn and showing up late along with some other students. wonwoo stood in front of the office door, hitting three knocks before hearing the principal say, "come in!"

he turned the golden knob, entering the office to see mrs ayane, the school's new recent principal, sitting at her desk working. "ah, wonwoo, please take a seat."

wonwoo nervously sat down in the leather seat in front of her, wondering as to why he was called in. she smiled, "don't worry, you're not in any trouble." he heaved a sigh of relief, a big burden being lifted up from his shoulders. "though, i do have a favour to ask of you."

"a favour?" mrs ayane nodded, setting down her pen and lowering her glasses so they hung on her chest. wonwoo asked, "is there something you want me to add to the canteen? add more extra curriculars? add more-"

"no, no, no- it's nothing like that. it's more of a... challenge type of favour."

"huh? challenge?" wonwoo looked confused, never having, in her words, 'a challenge type of favour.'

"let me explain." she clasped her hand in front of her, leaning in. "pledis academy is a very prestigious school, as you may know, and we have a very high reputation. we care a lot about our students behaviour and attitude to their learning."

she paused, wonwoo already knowing there was going to be a 'but'. "but there's something that's... ruining, that high reputation. a boy named, kim mingyu."

kim mingyu? the same boy that wonwoo had just argued with in the hallway, the same boy that everyone liked to spread rumours about. "what about kim mingyu?" wonwoo questioned, not really knowing of what the boy was like, other than their little encounter down the hall.

"kim mingyu is known as, from what i've heard, a delinquent. a bad boy. a troublemaker. an outcast. he cares little about his education and barely attends class. although you'd assume he would get into fights, he doesn't. he prefers to not associate with people he thinks are a 'waste of time'. he vandalises anything and everything in the school, from the courtyard to the school's bleachers."

"why are you telling me all this? if he's that bad of a student, why don't you just expel him?" wonwoo said, still confused. it would be common sense to expel a delinquent like him, but the principal only shook her head.

"that's what all the teachers have told me to do, in all he meetings we've had. but what's expelling him going to do? he doesn't learn anything from it."

"and what do you want me to do?"

she gave wonwoo a smile, looking at him with determination. "i want you to reform him. make him a better student."

reform him? how would wonwoo reform him? front the sounds of it, mingyu sounds like a lost cause. "why?" wonwoo asks. "from all the bad things you said about him, he sounds like a lost cause."

"i see good potential in him, wonwoo. you may not believe it, but he was a good student once. but something happened."

"what happened? what made him turn out the way he is?"

mrs ayane sighed, "it's- it's not my place to tell you. if you manage to reform him, he might tell you himself."

"but why me? isn't that the councillor's job?"

"wonwoo. you're the perfect student, with perfect grades, with many people who wants to be friends with you. you can set a good example to him, and show mingyu that there is something good about this school." the principal sticks her hand out, ready for wonwoo to shake. "so, do we have a deal?"

wonwoo hesitated for a moment, a side of him wanting to reject the offer. but the good in wonwoo made him shake her hand back. "deal."

she clapped her hands together, excited for wonwoo, although wonwoo didn't look as excited as her, more nervousness and hesitation. "great! starting from monday, you'll be given five weeks to reform him."

"and what happens after those five weeks and i haven't managed to reform him?"

there was a lingering silence. wonwoo could tell the principal didn't like the idea that the rest of the faculty had agreed upon in their last meeting. "he... he will be expelled."

wonwoo left the office with many thoughts in his head. he was confused, annoyed, hesitant, and a mix of things he didn't know how to describe.

why give mingyu the chance when he'll just get expelled in the end anyway? did the principal had hope that wonwoo would be successful in reforming him? how could she be so sure when wonwoo didn't know at all. judging from their encounter in the hallway, it was definitely going to be difficult.

he just hoped it would all be worth it in the end.

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