Chapter Twenty-One

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The hut was so cold that Lyanna will freeze to death any day, the fire had died out over night, Bran's hands was tied back behind the small pillar, Hodor has been chained like a wild animal on the wall behind Lyanna, on her right was Jojen, in front of him was Meera. All tied up like Bran. Lyanna wondered where Visenya was. Has she been caught in a trap like Summer? Has she found her wolf brothers? Lyanna was worried for Visenya, the wolf will only do what Lyanna tells her to, or if Lyanna is in danger or near death.

"Visenya," Lyanna muttered, she was thirsty and hungry. She could everyone else were thirsty by their dry lips.

"Where has she gone to?" Bran questioned.

"I don't know," Lyanna replied, "but I know she's nearby"

"You need to control her," Bran told her, "you have to get into her mind and get us out of here"

"I can't" Lyanna muttered, "it's simple for you, Bran. It's hard for me. I've been trying, why can't you?"

Jojen looked weaker than the others, "Because Visenya is yours" Jojen said, "not Bran's"

No one came that day, no one showed up to see them, Lyanna still had no idea who were these people were, she knew they used to serve Night's Watch, and she wondered what made them to stop. All day, she tried to get into Visenya's mind, all day straight, she tried, it was not simple but it seemed it was when she saw Bran. Lyanna heard a woman screaming as if she was in pain every hour, she knew enough what they do to women here, she dared not to think what they will do to her and Meera. That was what she was terrified of...

Jojen told Bran that his journey will not end here at the Keep and it was not over for him. Lyanna thought Jojen may have seen the future when they took them in.

When night came, that was when the leader and two other men came into the shack, they did not spoke, they just rushed, the leader pointed at Meera and ordered his men to get her up.

"What are you doing?" Lyanna asked them.Two men grabbed Meera, pulling her, she began to try and fight them off.

"Stop!" Bran shouted.

"Hodor!" Hodor cried, "Hodor!"

"Leave her alone!" Bran shouted. "Stop it, please!"

"Stop it!" Lyanna shouted as well, Meera grunted, kicked off, shook, trying to get them off. They hung her tied hands on the hook at the top, they seemed to be preparing for worse, "Get off of her!"

"Don't worry, my lady" The leader said to Lyanna, "you'll get your turn"

Bran was shouting and begging them to stop as they bind Meera's feet.

Once they did, Meera stopped struggling, the leader leaned close to her face as he played with her curly hair, "I like curly hairs" the leader said, he touched her face and hair, and breathed vulgarity in her face. "Why is a pretty highborn like you doing out here in the deep dark woods?" Lyanna could not see Meera's face, "you like it rough, don't you?"

Lyanna tried to unbind the ropes that tied her hands together, she shook her hands, tried to squeeze her hands out of the ropes.

"If you let my sister go," Jojen spoke up, "I can help you."

The leader turned to Jojen, "You can help me?"

Lyanna was confused at first, but she just let Jojen continued, "I can." the green boy said.

"And how are you gonna do that?"

"I have the sight. I can see things."

"Well, that's very helpful."

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