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changed her character cause she ain't have a lot of pictures that i liked.

changed her character cause she ain't have a lot of pictures that i liked

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liyah pov

we back stage right now just waiting for kentrell turn when i got caught up in my thoughts. i thank kentrell for what he did in the car. shows me that he ain't gone change on me for her.

"u good" kentrell asked while grabbing my hand. "yea" i replied lowly.

i peeped briana roll her eyes but i ain't wanna start nothing cause i can tell trell tryna be in a relationship with her and i ain't tryna ruin that.

"mane fr what wrong with u" he asked and i ain't finna lie to him. "i ain't mean what i said" i stated.

he sighed and rubbed his hands down his face.

"liyah i'm tryna be faithful to brianna mane"

"i understand" i said while sliding my hand from under his. "mane it ain't even like that. what u said hurt a nigga feelings. i was feeling u and u wasn't. i can't be a lonely child all my life" he said lowly.

i knew he was gone say that cause that's exactly what i seen in his messages i said in my head. well i thought i did.

"u been in my phone" he asked with his nose flared and his jaw clenched.

ion know why but that made me we-

"u ain't gone answer my question" he said louder and i seen briana walking over.

"what's wrong bae"she asked. if this bitch don't mind ha business.

he glared at me.

"nothing it's time for me to go on stage" he said then grabbed her hand and walked off.

i know i'm wrong for going thru his phone. but frfr i was just gone make my picture his lock screen until i seen the messages.

after the concert.

the gang went too some party but i went back to the hotel.

u want me to leave the door unlocked?

Naw i ain't coming back to the room

i sighed. if he gone ignore me the rest of the trip then he can do that.
the next day

i wasn't sure what room the boys was in to ask them if they wanted to come down to the lobby for breakfast so i went by myself.

as i got off the elevator i seen them sitting down laughing and eating. trell looked at me and looked right back around.

fuck it then. i'll go eat ihop. they breakfast better than this peace of shit.

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i'm bout to unpublish hood love story.
only because i wanna hurry up and publish my quando book. and once i'm done with this book i'll publish it again.
and no this bitch is not edited

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