The Agency

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I can hardly believe this is over, even if Lance managed to heroically retrieve the case from a helicopter in movement (yeah, that's pretty badass). 

And finally, after two and a half years, I'll be heading back to the base at Washington D.C. It'll be nice to see everyone else, though I'm pretty sure nothing's changed. Lance and I arrive at the familiar base at the same time and leave both of the jets in the hangar. The two of us make our way to an elevator that's going to take us both to the lobby, and from there we'll meet Jenkins again.

"How about you go ahead and meet Jenkins, and brief her about what happened?" He tells me. "I need to stop at the tech lab."

"Something about the drone?" I ask him.

"No," he replies. "About an... unfortunate event that happened during the mission."

"What was that?"

Lance sighs looking pretty annoyed and he brings his right hand up to his shoulder, and he lightly pets the fabric of his blazer. When he does, pink glitter flies out and the hologram of a smiling kitty is formed, causing me to laugh loudly while pointing at him.

"It suits you," I tell him.

"It does not," he chuckles. "Anyway, at least you're talking again! You were freakishly quiet on the flight back. Did something happen to you in Sao Paulo?"

"Lots of things," I reply. "But nothing too bad, and I wasn't freakishly quiet."

"You were," he says. "More than the usual. Even going into the mission you talked more. What happened?"

"Nothing happened," I say.

"Well, then, what's on your mind?"

Something has been on my mind, but it's probably not even worth telling Lance about it. 

"Just... a vibe I got," I say. "From that man."

"Oh yeah," he says. "Real freak, huh?"

I can't manage to react with any particular emotion to that.

The truth is, throughout the whole flight I'd been reviewing that in my mind. How he spotted me from behind that pillar and didn't do anything, how he almost seemed like he didn't want me in the middle of that fight, how he had me deliberately at his mercy and instead he spared me. But why?

Lance breaks my train of thought by snapping his fingers right in front of me, startling me.

"Earth to Jean!" He says and then he rests his hand on my shoulder. "Hey, chill. It's going to be alright. Besides, we have the Assassin now! He can't be that dangerous now."

I sigh and the elevator door begins to open.

"Yeah, I guess."

Lance and I exit the elevator and wait for the lobby door to open. When it does, everyone in the lobby spots Lance and they start fangirling all over him. Lance, a truly pampered agent by everyone, just enjoys the attention and gives them what they want. I signal to Lance that I'll be skipping ahead and go on to make my way to the briefing room.

I take the elevator and before the door closes, I can see Lance saying hi to everyone who wants to get near him and overall being a nice guy. A small smile comes on my face and then the elevator begins taking me down. In a short matter of time, I find myself outside the closed door of the briefing room, where the director of the agency Jenkins is waiting for us.

Before I can knock, the door opens and a technician signals me to go inside. 

"Agent Jean Neptune," I hear Jenkins saying. "Welcome back."

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