Chapter 5: Everest

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Everest: Well if I start crying please forgive me. Sometimes remembering this makes me sad.

Marshall came closer. He put his paw on Everest's right side hugging her whit one paw.

Marshall: Don't worry. We are here for you.
Everest: Okay than. Remember the South pole expedition 4 years ago when one man got hurt, so he was transported back to Dallas?

Erik: Sure. And a Husky family was abandoned on that da...Oh don't tell me. That was your family?

Everest nodded and a tear formed in her eye.

Sweetie: It's okay, if this hurt you you don't have to tell us.
Everest: No...It's okay. So after my family got abandoned we had to survive somehow. We hunt a lot but we also starved days. So yeah, we spend there half year.
Skye: But Everest, Jake found you two years ago. What
Everest: Well one day as we walk I got too close to the edge of a frost rock. I was about to fall when my sister got me, but because the rock was frost she slipped. My parents save me but they my sister wasn't that lucky. She fall 300 meters broking her neck. I was shocked and also angry, at me. My parents climbed down. And there is why I liked Marshall first place. I was also clumsy. I made a step which made a bigger part of rock to collapse and fall making a avalanche. I was blind for a minute. And than a saw my parents...paw out of snow. My dad were d-d-dead.

Everest start crying. Remembering this was too much for her. Her tears came as the water in the river. Her face was down. Outside the rain start raining harder than before, like the sky feels her suffering. The imagine of the friendliest pup in the room crying that hard made everybody tear up. Marshall downed his head nuzzeling her. After five minutes she finished but her eyes were red from crying.

Skye: Everest. Stop there the story. This is too much for you at once.
Everest: No, it's okay. So when I came down to just my mother was alive. When I start to apologies and cry she stop me, saying the sentence what I can't forgot even how I try.

She tear up again. She stayed in silence, the words refuse to came out.

Zuma: Okay now it's enough. This memowy is hurting you too much.
Marshall: No, let her finish. If she keeps this in her she will suffer more than now. Okay babe, we are here for you. We are your family now and we are here. It's okay, what said your mother?
Everest: "Everest, it's not your fault." B-BUT YES, IT'S MY FAULT! I KILLED MY FAMILY!
Princess: Now I see this was a bad idea.
Erik: Everest come here please.

Everest done what her owner said. Erik lifted her putting her in his hutch.

Erik: Everest. I know you are sad, and I also know nothing will bring your parents back. But you have to forgive yourself.
Everest: I can't. Every time I look somewhere I see them, they haunt me. 
Erik: And what if they are trying to say something.

Everest looked at the window and saw her family's ghost.

Everest: And what are they what so say?
Erik: I don't know. Probably that they don't blame you, and the also don't want to blame yourself. And they love you.

The ghosts nodded at every single word he said. They agreed.

Everest: So they are don't mad at me?

They shook their head. Her mother came closer and put her paw on her daughter's paw.

Everest: I love you.
Her mother: We love you too. More than everything on this world.

Whit that a big light ball appeared behind them. The mother give her a last kiss on the forehead and they disappeared in the light.

Everest: You are right. They are don't mad at me. Thank you.
Erik: I let you back to Marshall. And your welcome.

Everest walk next to her boyfriend. Her face was happier than before. She need time to heal this wound but she don't feal the pain inside anymore.

Everest: So Skye you are the last.
Skye: You are my new exemplar. So my story...

To be continue...

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