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Pen Your Pride


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Not wanting to be any more of a burden on Lark and Ilyx, I woke up early the next morning around the time Ilyx usually got up to start making breakfast. As I sat up in my bed and moved so that my feet were dangling over the edge of it, I was scared half to death with I saw a blanket-covered body on the floor next to my bed.

"Ah!" My scream made the body shoot up. It was Winder.

"Who? Huh? What?" he said looking around the room before his sleepy eyes fixated on me. "Oh, it's just you."

I put my hand on my chest. "Winder, what are you doing in my room?"

Winder lay back down. "Kanon's snoring was keeping me up. So I came in here."

"You wanna warn me next time? You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Well someone should of warned me that the Sleeping Giant snores so loud." I rolled my eyes. "Just be happy I didn't get into bed with you," he said as he rolled over. "'Cause I was definitely thinking about it when I came in here, but you were all spread out so there was nowhere for me to go." He covered his head back up with his blanket.

"Just be happy I didn't step on you," I said as I rolled over to the other side of the bed and got up.

As I went through the living room to get to the kitchen, I saw Kanon sprawled out on the couch, snoring as loud as can be. Roe was curled up in a ball on the floor, his body fully submerged in the sleeping bag as if he was in a rolled up cocoon. "Morning," I said to Ilyx as I walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, morning love," she said as she put a pan onto the stove. "You're up early. You ready for today?"

I shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so. I just wanted to come and tell you that you don't have to make us breakfast, we can just grab something in town."

"Are you sure sweetie?"

"You guys have already done so much for us by letting us spend the night here-"

"You know we never mind you staying here, Celia. You live here."

I smiled. "Thank Ilyx. But really, you don't have to make us breakfast."

"You're sure?" I nodded. "Positive?" I nodded again. Ilyx held up a bowl of un-whisked eggs. "Because you know I make a mean Heart toast."

"Heart toast!" I turned around to see Winder excitedly shuffled into the kitchen, a blanket still wrapped around him. "Here, let me help you with that, Ilyx," he said as he reached for the bowl.

I quickly swatted his hand away. "It's okay Ilyx, really," I said as I lead Winder out of the kitchen. "Thanks anyway!"

"But ... but it's Heart toast," Winder whined.

"We'll eat something later," I quietly said to him through clenched teeth.

He sighed. "Fine."

"Let's get ready to go-hey!" Winder had thrown his blanket at me.

"Dibs on getting dressed first!" Winder said, grabbing his backpack by the front door and running back in the direction of my room.

"What's he yelling about now?" I heard Roe say faintly from where he was laying. "Shut! Up!" I looked over at the couch and saw that Kanon was no longer on it. He must have been in the bathroom or something. After grabbing one of Kanon's pillows, I went over to Roe and hit his cocooned body with it. He started wiggling around in the sleeping bag until his head finally emerged. "That's it! I told-"

"Oh good, you're up," I said with a smile.

"Oh. It's you." Roe went back into the sleeping bag.

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