Chapter one

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When the police knocked on his door and it swung open to meet the face of the old sleepy man I turned away from his disappointed eyes. Marvin was in his bathrobe and his sleeping attire when he opened it and saw me there, his eyes fell. He opened the door and allowed us in, his house was asleep still, you could tell things had been still for a while. He kept a low glowing lamp on in the corner, I could hear him whispering about the situation.

"We found him smoking pot in the bed of a truck with his pals on a dirt road"

"We figured it was just best to bring him home rather than causing a huge deal about it"

I groaned and made my way into the kitchen if it had been summer and I had a better tan I would've been handcuffed in the back of the car on my way to the jailhouse. But I just let Marvin talk to them, the normal 'it won't happen again' 'thank you for bringing him home' 'I'll take care of him' bullshit. I sat on the counter shaking a hot chocolate packet and turned the hot water on waiting for it to warm. I looked up to see Marvin standing in front of me, the seventy-year-old man frowned at me, he looked like he was gonna cry. I jumped down from the countertop and walked over to him, I towered over him as his small body was small and petite from his old age. "Marvin please don't look at me like that, I usually do it at Carson's house but his Mom and him got into a fight and so we just went on a drive." He didn't say anything and just looked away from me, "I didn't know who to call, or where to have them take me so I came here, I'm sorry to wake you I'll go home in a bit." I filled my mug up with the steaming water and poured the mix into the water and stirred it until it was all wet and brown.

"Jack, I'm not mad you were smoking, I'm not mad you came so late, I'm just upset that you don't care anymore" he spoke in such a sad voice I almost didn't want to have to hear it. "You know where the office is and you can pull the couch out, we'll talk in the morning." He gave a thin-lipped smile before turning and going up the stairs to go back to bed, I was left in a kitchen feeling guilty for making him so upset.

When the morning came I woke up to the smell of coffee, it flowed through the house and I sat up from the bed, I was hit with a ray of sunlight coming from the opened blinds that had been closed when I originally fell asleep. I wanted to roll over and avoid the talk I knew was coming from Marvin when I went into the kitchen. But also knowing it would've been rude to just lay there while he was making breakfast caused me to sit up. The pull out couch had an uneven lump of springs that caused my back to crack when I stretched. I pulled my shirt over my head and my sweat pants I had worn back onto my body. I walked into the kitchen that was filled with smells of eggs and coffee. A plate of grits and eggs and roasts waited for me at the counter. Marvin was pouring some coffee into this usual mug before turning to see me standing there.

"Good morning Jack"
"Good morning Marvin"
"I wanted to talk to you for a second"
I instinctively rolled my eyes but then turned to look at him. "Of course you do Marvin" he sat me down at the kitchen table and he gave me a small smile. He didn't know how to have this talk, that wasn't our relationship. He was just an old man I befriended when I was younger. He was like a grandfather to me but not one who had much of an authority over me.

"Jack, I don't have kids but if I had to have one I would've wanted to have you. I would've been able to give you everything you should be getting like love and attention. I try and give you that now but you don't get that at home." I averted my eyes from his at the topic of my home life. His hands reached out and grabbed mine as he tried to catch my eyes in his again. Finally, I pulled my eyes from the floor and looked at him.

Something I loved about Marvin was his eyes, they were blue and soft. The wrinkles around his eyes made scolding me hard along with his chubby cheeks often adding comedy to any frown he gave.

"Please stay here Jack" he raised an eyebrow at his request. "Stay here?" He nodded "I can put you in the guest bedroom since you'll be here for a while. I want you to be in a place where someone cares about you." I felt my throat close at the sound of concern in his voice. "I don't wanna intrude more than I do Marvin" he cut me off by shaking his hands and his head. "No, no, Jack I've watched you grow from a carefree boy to a careless teen, and I don't want that to transpire into your adult years any more than it has." My eyes rolled again and I snapped them back at him trying to not show any rudeness. He chuckled at my habit before leaning back "if you'll go get your things then I'll start opening up the guest room." I didn't have the heart to object his offer as he stood up and when down the hall to get the room ready.

Marvin didn't have many guests so he kept his guest room locks to avoid any hassle with cleaning it. I stayed in the office usually to avoid causing an inconvenience for him. But I think he's determined to have me stay with him.

I didn't know how to feel about it but part of me didn't want to go home after being out all night.

I leaned forward to start eating my breakfast but my appetite was starting to leave as I thought about how life would be here.

Authors note: An old lady at work told me "I never had any kid but I'd want them to be like you if I did" I don't know if that's true but I like the compliment and I'm about 90% sure the only way she can identify me is by my voice. 

This book is something I care about a lot and something I want to take care of it, I'm in a writing support class at school so give me time to improve. I refuse to rush this book so I'm not going to update based on a schedule, so If I don't for a while it's because I don't want to so please just don't ask. I have never done something of this nature so give me time to look into learning how to. 

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