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Dahyun woke up, she's still sleepy and checked the time. It's already 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

"What am I doing?" She asked and sat up, she wants to wake up. She decided to take a bath and changed her clothes. "Oppa, you there?" She asked and got out of her room. No one answered. "Oppa, I'm going out."


"Jisoo eonni."

"You over slept." Jisoo said.

"Ah, I think so. I'm going to JYP tonight." Dahyun said.

"Oh, they called you. Okay, I'll tell Jin oppa about it. Jungkook and him went to BigHit."



"N-nothing, I'll go now." Dahyun smiled and left Jisoo alone at the house.

She's really not going to JYP. She wants to go out and breathe, she wants fresh air and walked on the streets at night while listening to music.

"This isn't a drama where someone pops out of nowhere." She looked around and sat on the bench. "Weather's getting cold." She went to have coffee and continued walking.

*Beep Beep!*

She got startled.

"Kim Dahyun!"

"You surprised me!" She looked who's inside the car who beeped at her. "Jimin sunbaenim???"

"I am on my way to BigHit." Dahyun looked at the road, it is the way to BigHit.

"Oh, hi sunbae. I'm just going for a walk." She said.

"Oh, at night. It's getting cold." Jimin said.

"No, it's okay. I'm on my way back home, you should go to BigHit." She smiled. "Bye, sunbae." She crossed the street and hailed for a bus. She didn't want to talk to anyone. "Why did I walk to that direction?" She asked herself. She didn't really know where the bus is going, she didn't look at the sign.

She drove to sleep while in the bus.

"Chuncheon, Gangwon-do province!" She woke up hearing that from the driver.

"Y-ye? Chuncheon?"

"Nami Island!" The driver said.

"What???" Dahyun got up from the sit and get off the bus. "What the hell. This is far from Seoul." She looked around and she's impressed with the view of Chuncheon at night. "I came to a place for couples." She said. She walked on the trees of Nami. It's really beautiful. She took pictures of the place. People recognized her and took selfies with Dahyun.

She sat on the bench. She heard her phone ringing. It's Jisoo.

"Where are you?? It's 9 pm."

"U-uh, eonni. I think there are no bus here already."


"I'm in Chuncheon."


"Y-yeah, I just want to take pictures from here. You know..."


"Jungkook, are you staying here with us? I thought you're with Jin oppa." Jisoo asked.

"Uh, he told me to come here, noona. We finished at BigHit early but our manager asked Jin hyung to stay. Is Dahyun still sleeping?"

"Oh, is that so. Dahyun? She went out hours ago. She said she'll go to JYP, it's 9. She didn't say she's staying at their dorm. I'll call her." Jisoo dialed her number and she answered. "Where are you? It's 9 pm."

"U-uh, eonni. I think there are no bus here already."


"I'm in Chuncheon."


"Y-yeah, I just want to take pictures from here. You know..."

"I thought you're going to JYP? And I thought you are staying at your dorm."

"Sorry, It's not my plan going here. I just hop in to a bus not knowing where is it going."

"Are you crazy?"

"I'm sorry. C-can you pick me up here?"

"Ugh, Dahyun you didn't go to JYP today. What were you thinking??? Okay, I'll pick you up." Jisoo hang up. She looked at Jungkook. "Can you do a favor for me?"

"What is it? Where is Dahyun?" Jungkook asked.

"Gangwon-do, Chuncheon Nami Island."


"Can you go there? It's okay if you don't want to. I can borrow Jin oppa's car, I just need to find where he kept his keys."

"No, noona. I'll go."


Dahyun received a message that Jisoo will pick her up, Dahyun got tired and laid on the bench.

"Weather's getting cold." Dahyun hugged herself while staring at the tree and the sky. "I'll have to wait for--- how many hours?" She checked her phone. "1 hour, 30 minutes." She sighed.

After closing her eyes, memories flashed in her mind. Her memories with Jungkook when they're dating. They watched their music videos together, eat together... Now, they can do it again, Dahyun doesn't want anyone to get hurt anymore. She just can't hurt anyone again.

"Dahyun." She heard and slowly opened her eyes, she saw Jungkook.

"I'm dreaming." She smiled. She thought she is but Jungkook is really there. Jungkook held her arms and Dahyun opened her eyes, Jungkook's facing her. Her eyes widen and got up immediately, but Jungkook's there so her forehead bumped onto Jungkook's forehead. "Ah!" She touched her forehead. "I'm sorry!" She said. "Where's Jisoo eonni???"

"She asked me to pick you up." Jungkook said.

"O-oh, is that so. Okay, let's go." Dahyun got inside the backseat.

"What are you doing?" Jungkook asked seeing her in the backseat.

"Sitting? Let's go." She said.

"You're making me look like I'm your driver." He said.

"Just drive." Jungkook chuckled and got inside the car. He started driving, a moment of silence. Jungkook is looking at her from the mirror.

"Why did you come here?" Jungkook asked.

"I just ride a wrong bus." She said.

"You didn't ask the driver?"

"I didn't, I was tired." Dahyun said.

"Do you remember? Us going here?" Jungkook asked. Dahyun looked outside the window.


"I'll never forget that." He said. Dahyun didn't speak to him until they arrived in Seoul, they finally got into Jin's house and Dahyun got off.

"Thank you." She said. While entering the house, she noticed that Jungkook's following her. "What are you doing?"

"Uhm..." Dahyun opened the door and there's Jisoo.

"I prepared your bed, Jungkook." Jisoo smiled.

"Bed??? He's staying here???" Dahyun looked at him.


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