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"We all are? So why don't you give me a second chance?"

Dahyun looked at him.

"Second chances are meant for those who really deserve it." Dahyun tried opening the door again but Jungkook kept his hand to the lock. "Move your hands away." She said. "Stop playing with me."

"I am not playing with you."

"I waited, Jungkook! I didn't want to approach you first! Now I am tired, I'm telling you, I'm not the one you want, I am not the one you supposed to be love." Dahyun shook her head. "You are not meant for me, and I'm sorry about that." Dahyun removed his hand from the door and opened it, she ran out of his apartment and Jungkook didn't followed her.


Jin was sleeping when he heard the door bell.

"Who's here at this hour??" He said and got up. He opened the monitor. "Who's there?" He asked.

"Oppa, it's Dahyun."

"Aigoo." Jin opened the door and gate. "Why are you coming home very late? I thought you're staying at your dorm?"

"I'm sorry, I want to sleep here. You can go back to sleep."

"Yes, if you're hungry, there's food in the kitchen." Jin got back to his room and Dahyun sighed. She messaged her manager that she won't be going to JYP tomorrow, she reasoned that she's not feeling well.

Dahyun didn't get sleep and just stayed at the living room until morning.

"Why are you doing this to me?" She asked, she's pertaining to Jungkook.

"Oh, you're up early." Jin asked when he got up.

"I didn't sleep." She muttered.

"What?" Jin asked.

"Nothing." Dahyun laid on the couch and closed her eyes.

"Do you want to come with me at the cemetery? Jisoo is also coming." Dahyun was already sleeping. "Dahyun?" He heard her snoring. "What is this? Are you that tired?" Jin asked.

After few minutes, Jisoo arrived home.

"Let's go?" She asked.

"Dahyun looked very tired, I can't wake her up. I carried her to her room." Jin said.

"Really? So we're going without her?" Jisoo asked.


"That's okay. We know she's tired."

Jisoo and Jin left Dahyun alone in the house and visited their parents. Jin received a call from Jungkook.


"What is it?" Jin asked.

"You're not in your house? I kept ringing the doorbell."

"What? What are you doing there?"

"There? You're not here?"

"I am at the cemetery visiting my parents. Dahyun's there, she's not answering? Oh yeah, she sleeps like you."


"She sleeps like a dead person, she won't hear you. What do you want?"

"Mom just came from Busan. She wants to give you something she cooked."

"Auntie? Really, why don't you just bring it to the dorm and share it with the members? I can't believe that Dahyun chose to sleep rather than visiting our parents."

"What? I thought Dahyun has schedule today, she didn't go? She went to the cemetery yesterday."

"She what??? How did-- you two went together yesterday???"

"Uh, I gave her a ride."

"She came home late, she was with you?"

"Uh, I think so?"

"Wah, are you dating her again???"


"My nape is aching, Jeon Jungkook! Don't leave and stay outside the gate! We need to talk!"

Jin hang up.

"What's going on???" Jisoo asked.

"I won't be staying long, do you have somewhere else to go after this?"

"No, I want to go home with you." Jisoo said.

"I'm talking to Jungkook."

"What am I hearing that getting back? Him and Dahyun???"

"I don't know."

"I'll have to talk to him too." Jisoo said.


Jungkook felt very nervous, he thought of leaving instead of waiting for Jin. He doesn't know what to tell him, he's not okay with dahyun. But he wants to get back with her, he needs her brother's help.

Jim arrived home with Jisoo. The gate opened automatically and he parked the car inside, Jungkook got inside the gate. Jin and Jisoo got off.

"Come in." Jin opened the door and they all went inside.

"U-uh, here's the food." Jungkook said.

"Place it on the table." Jisoo told him and he did.

"Sit down." Jin said and Jungkook sat on the couch. Jisoo sat in front of him and crossed her arms on her chest.

"I heard your conversation with Jin oppa." She said.

"Co-conversation?" Jungkook stuttered. "U-uh--"

"Are you dating my sister again? After revealing that you both ended your relationship???" She interrupted.


"What do you want from her?" Jisoo asked again. Jin sat beside Jisoo. Jungkook cleared his throat.

"U-Uhm, Hyung, noona." He started. "I have clear intention with Dahyun."

"How clear?" Jin asked, Jisoo nudged him.

"What question is that?" Jisoo asked.

"What?" Jin asked back.

"Hyung, I wanted to get back with you sister before everyone found out that we broke up. You know my feelings for her." Jungkook said.

"Why did you broke up with her?"

"I was not thinking that time, I thought it's best for us. But I am sure about her. My feelings grew even more when I ended everything." Jungkook answered.

"Such an idiot, I hate what I'm seeing right now. Those eyes, your words." Jin said. "This is driving me crazy, really." Jin laughed.

"I'm serious." Jungkook said.

"I'm also serious, I just don't know what to feel right now. Am I supposed to get mad or happy or whatever. Dahyun is my youngest sister, I want the best for my siblings, I want the best for her. I promised myself that I won't let her end up with someone I don't know, I know that she loved you. And I know you very well Jungkook, I don't want to believe you because you hurt her once. If you're asking permission from me if she'll give you another chance..." Jin looked at him. "It's up to her now, she has to make her own decision. If she'll date you again, I respect that decision, just don't make a promise that you won't hurt her again, prove it. And be responsible for your relationship."

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