2 how about dinner

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the following monday, you came into work
"so how did the meeting go?" asked amanda "actually, it wasn't that bad i was nervous for nothing" you replied "how was he? what did you think of him?" you traded places with amanda, taking your seat at the front desk "he was.." you looked out the building window at the city in the dewy morning "nice... i guess" you continued "nice?! that's it? c'mon, what else" "well, he was handsome,,, and well built, clean, smelled nice, pretty hands" you went on just thinking about every detail about him "see? he's sexy isn't he" amanda said "he is" you agreed

it was your break time, you called in amanda and made your way to the break room. the room was clean and bright. you checked your phone to see if you received any text messages, then went to the mini fridge to get a beverage. you opened the door to see two whole shelves stocked with all kinds of starbucks iced coffee. you were confused as to who put those there since you've never seen them there before and the only person who knew you liked these drinks were mr hwang, he wasn't the one to stock the fridge because he was the boss.

you grabbed a caramel flavoured one, filled a glass with ice and poured the coffee onto the ice. you grabbed a metal straw before making your way to the marble table to take your break. as soon as you sat down, mr hwang walked in which was unusual because he was almost never on your floor due to back to back meetings so he had an assistant who would fetch his refreshments for him. he wore all black, black fitted pants, a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, no jacket, leather boots that looked freshly shined, and a watch that looks like it cost more than your yearly wage.

you quickly stood up, straightening your dress and gave him a proper greeting. "good morning mr hwang" you greeted "morning y/n" he glanced at the table before making his way to the fridge "i see you've found your coffee" he continued "my coffee?" you said confused, "yes, you told me that this was your favourite beverage" "your right" you smiled and  a sudden voice rang through in the break room intercom "mr hwang, lee minho is here for your 11:00AM meeting" said a female voice, he sighed "lee minho" he started towards the break room doors but before turning around the corner he stopped, paused, looked at you and said "i'll see you later y/n" with a wink that made your heart flutter.

you continued on with your job, taking calls, escorting guests to where they needed to be, booking appointments for CEO's. the sun was setting and you were packing your stuff to head home. you hear the elevator ding so you look up from your bag to see mr hwang walking towards you, his chin was slightly down but he was still looking at you with a grin. he leaned against the high counter and looked at you, not saying anything. you felt your body tense up "mr hwang" you greeted, "y/n" was all he said, "do you need anything" you asked with a smile "how about dinner?" you were shocked. you were nothing compared to his position, you were just a receptionist wanting to pay off your debt and all of a sudden you have the founder of the company you are working for, asking you to diNNER! your breathing hitched, trying to stay calm, "dinner? tonight?" was all you could get out, he looked down at your legs "mhmm" he said with a nod before looking back up at you. you swallowed, "of course" you finally said, he grinned getting up from leaning on the counter "great, i'll pick you up at 8" your heart was beating out of your chest just watching the way he moved. and with that he disappeared into the elevator.

amanda was waiting for you in the main lobby so you could get an uber and carpool home. you were tempted to tell her what just happened but didn't want to come off as bragging or a h*e to get a raise, "so what are your plans for tonight?" she asked while the two of your walked out into the street to wait for your uber. "i'm..." you hesitated "going out to dinner" "ooh with who? is he a hottie" she asked excitedly, "its mr hwang" you said looking away. mr hwang wasn't some old man, he was the youngest billionaire, maybe in the world at 24, "no way bitch" she said jokingly, the two of you always called each other "bitch" outside of work because you were just on that level of friendship. all you could do was just smile and giggle at the fact, "tell me if he's good in bed" amanda said with a wink, you bumped her with your shoulder "shut up" you laughed "it's probably not going to lead to anything serious"
(an. nothing serious... 😉😉)
almost right on cue, mr hwang pulled out of the parking garage in a black audi and slowly drove past the two of you, gave you a wink and drove off into the busy city streets.

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