Like You Hate Me {Part 1}

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Being handled and treated like she was little bitch has always turned Normani on. After all, she was a bottom in every sense of the word.
She liked when her lovers would take control of her body and use it to satisfy them in any way, which in return would always satisfy her.

Normani loved the feeling of being roughed up and fucked until she couldn't breath, while she and her lovers orgasms rushed through them like a tide wave as they drowned in pleasure.

Even the thought of it excited the woman. She'd find herself day dreaming throughout her day about her lover taking her and doing whatever she pleased with her. She thought about her girlfriend grabbing her by her neck, gripping her windpipes tightly, holding her hand over her mouth, and fucking her into oblivion. She thought about her girlfriend slapping her every time she'd talk or moan out of turn. She thought about her lover turning her over and fucking her relentlessly into their bed sheets while she cried for her to stop, but still keep going.  She thought about her lover closing up all ways in which she could breath, her eyes rolling back and skin turning blue and purple, gasping for air until the very last moment, thats when her lover would release her, just to kiss her passionately then yank her away from her by her hair and insult the girl. Normani dreamed of her lover talking to her as if she was an ex lover that she wished was suffering and possibly even dead.

As morbid as it all sounds, it was what she wanted. It was what she needed. The thrill of it all made her orgasm hit ten times harder than any normal love making. Sadly though, Normani's lover didn't understand that. She didn't see what the girl craved and needed, she didn't please the girl the way she wanted her to.

Don't get her wrong, Normani was very pleased with their relationship, and she never left the bedroom, or any room they were making love in, without having the minimum of three orgasms. She loved what her lover did to her body, she loved how she made her feel and she was no where near ungrateful. She couldn't be, not with the lover she had. She couldn't and wouldn't dare trade what her girlfriend had given her for the world. She loved her, she cherished her, she showed her love and passion, and she was the most beautiful woman she had ever lied her eyes on.

She had a lover that everyone wanted. Her lover was thick in all the right places just as she was, but much thicker. Her lover was fucking hot, so fucking hot. Her lover possessed the same stamina as she did. Her lover was tall and strong. Her lover was cute and fashionable, a girly girl but she could be a bit of a tomboy at times. Her lover was passionate and sexy to no end and an all around freak.

There was not one time in their history together where Normani wasn't getting her life from the touch her girlfriend had given her, or the smile she had given her. There wasn't one moment when Normani wasn't dripping down her legs from the simple sound of the woman's voice.

Normani loved everything about the girl, including the way she pleased her. She just wanted more. Normani wanted her fantasies to come true. Granted that wouldn't happen unless she spoke up, her lover couldn't always read her mind. She especially couldn't read anything like this coming from the girl. Normani never seemed like the type.

Although blunt with her lover and always horny, Normani was always shy. She was cute and quiet. She only spoke when spoken to (which was that submissive nature in her) unless she knew you personally and could trust you. She was always in her own personal shell that no one was allowed in, that didn't apply to her lover. Her lover was allowed any and everywhere when it came to Normani. Her lover could do all of which she pleased and Normani would have not one problem with it. In fact, she would sometimes beg for it.

The first time they made love, her lover was shocked by Normani and the freak nature the girl possessed. Her lover was a natural freak and she let the world know, but when she found out Normani was just as much a wild card as she was, it truly surprised her. She knew from then on that it truly was the quiet ones you had to look out for.

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