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I couldn't even respond

That's what she was thinking about right now???

Ashton and I ran her into the hospital, moving her to a real bed as we threw on different gloves.

We got her vitals stable, we had an IV for fluids and a blood transfusion going on at the same time.

"Let's figure out where these rashes are coming from" Ashton mumbled, looking at areas of her body to see where the rashes were and where they weren't.

I replayed where she had them all and then it hit me.

I looked to her swollen stomach, knowing she wasn't bloated from food

"Weren't you throwing up today?" I asked her, seeing her slowly nod.

"And you were on your period, correct?" I asked.

She nodded slower.

"Did you use tampons?" He asked her.

She looked away

"Its not my fault- they didn't let me change them every four hours." She immediately seemed to be panicking, not wanting to be blamed.

"No Blake, no one is blaming you- we just have to figure out what's going on." I spoke to her slowly, pushing her hair out of her face.

"Get general antibiotics, not penicillin into her IV, if she's still throwing up or even nauseous in the next hour, we're going to have to her gynecology involved." Ashton mumbled to me, continuing to check her out.

He ended up taking her staples out- seeing that it was already healed, leaving a decent sized scar.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her once everything actually slowed down.

"I'm really sleepy" she spoke to me.

We put ice packs and cooling rags where she told us she felt pain, which was mainly her neck, shoulders, arms and back.

We slowly put relief creams over her rash, praying that it would stop her from scratching it and saying that it burned.

Just as I finished by putting it on her hands, she spoke

"Michael" she sounded so tired, which made me look to her.

"Yes?" I asked her, sitting beside her knees in her bed.

"Can you stay with me while I sleep? Just make sure that they can come get me again" she asked me slowly, making me immediately cover her more.

"I'm not leaving your side, I promise" I told her quietly.

"Thank you- for everything" she spoke, making sure Ashton heard her as she said it, making him turn from her chart and to her.

"Stop thanking us and get some sleep, you're exhausted."

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