25: The Power of Everything (Editing)

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The trip back to Earth was both the happiest and hardest journey of my life so far. First Novus demanded we celebrate the Djinn's defeat with a dance session to some of his favorite bands such as The Universe Brothers and Stargazey. The next morning we stopped at the water planet, Sploosh. It was a planet with no land or beaches just open sea. This made it perfect for thousands of intense water slides and gigantic ships covered in shops and delicious restaurants to drift on its vast ocean. I'd never been so thrilled to be so soaked until I discovered the Gut Flipper, a water slide that dropped you fifty feet into a looping spiral finally ending in a cannonball splash.

We weren't in a rush to bring me home as Novus said he was gonna keep his promise and give me the two weeks we bargained for. I wished the journey would never end. Then finally, the day came that I had to return to Earth.

Leo gave me a copy of his favorite holobook, The Dastardly Adventures of Brandish, a comical adventure of a swashbuckling space pirate with an eye for trouble. He said I reminded him of the main character. I hope that was a compliment.

Jupiter told me if I was ever in the area, he would set me up with free nights at the Wingspan Resort in his finest room. No Wish-Hunters allowed.

Stella gave me a wet rag full of green and purple beans. It was her favorite food, and she never shared her food so I took it to heart. While I was warned not to eat the beans for they would make me sick, Novus obliged me not to refuse Stella's gift.

Celeste gave me a pat on the head and told me she hoped never to see me again. I figured she was attempting a joke, but her stern features made it difficult to tell.

Finally, Novus gave me the greatest of all the gifts, a promise.

"Eddie," he said pointing out the window as our ship hovered over Earth, "two weeks ago I broke into a house, stole a bunch of food, and met a sad, lonely girl who threatened to beat me with a baseball bat. I kinda got her in trouble with her aunts and got her mixed up in a journey across the universe while being chased by an evil djinn. But that sad, lonely girl I met is not the same as the girl I bring back home. You stand before me now a powerful, confident, and happy person who has friends all across the universe. So when I bring you back to your aunts, I promise you they will never trouble you again."

"How are you going to manage that?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll see." He turned to Stella. "Take us down!"

Stella turned on the invisibility shields, and then made the descent through Earth's atmosphere. The ship rocked all the way down until it came a few hundred feet from the ground. We soared over my neighborhood, passing over cars and people going out their daily lives. I spotted Gilbert's house. He was sitting outside staring up at the clouds. Then my house came into view. The old bent building still stood with the strong supporting vines covering its side. On the porch lounging in chairs were my aunts. They were sipping lemonade.

Vera had a cast on her leg. Vicky had a cast on their arm. I knew Celeste had tossed them around that day I fled with Galaxion. Seems she injured them badly.

Stella took the cloak off the ship causing it to appear. My aunts peeked out from under their large sun hats and stared with horror at the spaceship hovering above their lawn. As the ship prepared to land, it whipped up a windstorm that swatted the lemonade jar off the porch and sent ripples across my aunts' chubby cheeks.

The door opened, the steps dropped to the ground, and Novus, Stella, and I exited onto the grass. Vicky and Vera stood up cautiously.

"Is that you, Edwina?" shouted Vicky.

"What the devil is that?" cried Vera pointing at Stella and the ship.

I smiled and stood before my aunts.

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