23: To the Wishing Well (Editing)

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Celeste protested the entire time Jupiter tied her up. She attempted to bite him, but since she could no longer see, she had trouble landing a blow.

"This is not over," she cried tugging at her restraints. "The Djinn will take care of you! He'll find you and keep you prisoners here forever!"

Jupiter placed his hands on his hips.

"And what do you think the Djinn will do to you when he finds his number one all tied up and blind? You forget I once worked under his shadow too, and I know what he does to those who fail him."

"He will...uhh," Celeste scoured her mind for a positive answer. "He, um. The Djinn... reward... no. Don't let him find me!"

"Finally the Wish-Hunter sees the truth," said Novus putting on Celeste's cloak. "You'd be best off just leaving the Djinn behind and never looking back." He chuckled. "Not looking. I made a joke."

"Don't leave me here!" she pleaded. "The Djinn will destroy me!"

"Novus, we can't leave her," I said.

"Eddie, she is the bad guy," added Leo. Stella was quick to agree with Leo by the furious shaking of her tentacles. "She attacked us multiple times, remember?"

"I know," I said shrugging, "but it doesn't feel right. Can we just keep her on the ship?" I turned to Novus. He spat on the ground by Celeste's feet. "Come on, Novus, have a heart."

He groaned, looked at me, and groaned again.

"Fine." Novus removed Celeste's watch and smashed it against the wall. "Just so she's not tempted to call the Djinn. Now let's leave this planet for good." Novus threw Celeste over his shoulder.

"Hey, watch it you big oaf! I may not be able to see, but I can still feel pain."

"Oh hush up," said Novus as he shifted his weight. Everyone started to walk down the corridor, everyone except me. "Hey, Eddie, you coming?"

"I can't go."

Everyone stopped and turned around.

"Have you gone mad, Eddie?" asked Jupiter. "If we stay on this planet any longer, the Djinn will find us. We are lucky enough already to be getting out of this mess."

"I need Galaxion." I pulled out the picture of my parents. "The greatest star in the universe chose me for a reason. I can't leave until I find out what that reason is. Everything that has happened to lead me here has had a purpose. I have to do this for the stars, for my parents, and for myself."

"Eddie," said Novus, his face flushed with concern, "you can't keep chasing stars."

"Yes, I can," I said, confidently. "I've done it all my life, and I won't stop now.

"Eh hmm," coughed Celeste, her head peeking around Novus's shoulder. "Of course I know my words mean little to you people, but if I may interject? I know what Galaxion wants Eddie to do. And if you trust me, I can get you there unharmed and unseen."

"Why would we trust someone who just tried to kill us?" asked Leo, folding his arms.

"Oooloo!" agreed Stella. She curled her tentacles into fists and jabbed at Celeste.

"Because, dummies, I have nothing left to lose. This was my last chance to make up for my failure to the Djinn, and besides, I've always kinda hated the guy." The corridor was silent. Only the water leaking from pipes echoed. Celeste wiggled her legs in frustration. "So is anyone going to say anything?"

"First tell us what you know," said Novus dropping Celeste to the ground. She landed in a pile of dirt.

"Gentle!" she screamed while flicking her hair out of her mouth. "So rude."

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