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After showering and cleaning my cut, I slipped on a pair of shorts and a random shirt, walking out and seeing my foster mom.

"Get your ass downstairs."

I had no idea why she was so mad.

But I followed slowly.

I walked into the kitchen- seeing Andrew sitting at a large plate of food- which looked beyond good.

I was so fucking hungry.

"So, Blake." My foster dad spoke.

"You didn't get enough of a lesson?" He asked me quickly.

"What?" I asked him slowly.

"We bribed Andrew with some good dinner, and he informed us that you took money from him and was planning on running away tonight" he spoke, making me instantly look to Andrew.

"T-that's not what happened" I panicked quickly.

"I don't believe you, bitch."

"Look- he told me to take it and leave, I took the money but I wasn't planning on running away again, I swear to god." I spoke through a panic as he came closer and closer to me.

"I swear to god, I'm not planning on leaving." I panicked to him.

"Let's just make damn sure of that." He spat to me.

After receiving several firm slaps to my head- I was then being drug upstairs and into my bathroom.

I had tears cascading down my cheeks.

"Hands up, cry baby." Foster mom yelled.

I wasn't dare testing them- I was not taking a bigger beating.

I cried as he zip tied both of my hands to my shower curtain rod.

"Now, you be a good girl for about three days and we may let you go, but until then- enjoy." He spoke as I cried- watching him leave.

And I sighed.

I had to stand almost on my tippy toes to keep my wrists from feeling as if they weren't being cut off.

I just cried

I was hungry
I was now in physical pain

I was going to be stuck like this for three days

I sobbed.


I could hear her crying from my room.

We were only two doors down, but it had been five hours of on and off crying.

I stood slowly, sneaking to the kitchen.

It was past midnight, so I knew everyone was asleep.

I grabbed a banana before creeping into her room.

I opened her bathroom- seeing her almost hanging from her wrists, tears streaming down her face.

"You fucking bitch!" She instantly screamed, making me instantly cover her mouth, stopping her from screaming and getting us both caught.

"I brought you food" I spoke to her quietly.

"But if you scream again, I'm going to leave." I told her slowly.

"Are we clear?" I mumbled.

She nodded slowly.

I pulled away from her slowly, making sure she was quiet.

I pulled the banana from my pocket, carefully lifting her, standing to where she could rest her weight on me and get it off of her wrists for at least a few minutes.

I heard an instant sigh of relief once she realized what I had done.

And I fed her.

She didn't complain about it being so small, she didn't even speak, but she did stop crying.

I felt her head hit my own once the banana was gone.

I let her body relax on me- knowing she had to be in more than enough pain.

"I have to pee, Andrew" she spoke.
After five minutes of us both whispering and trying to figure out how the fuck to do this, I ended up pulling the entire curtain rod down, pulling her shorts down for her to pee.

I knew sitting gave her comfort.

She stood back up after several minutes, popping her back and neck slowly, making me look to her red and swollen wrists.

"I have to go" I whispered to her, knowing I needed to put the curtain rod back.

She nodded, surprisingly letting me

She didn't want to get caught doing this just as much as I didn't.

"Night, Blake" I whispered to her.

"I still fucking hate you" she spoke, making me look to her

"But thank you."

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