Chapter One

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My eyes scanned the email, waiting to see the confirmation of whether or not my work experience request was declined or accepted. My eyes reached the words of 'we would love to have you on board'. I smiled at the screen before grabbing my pink Mac book and rushing out of my room and downstairs to my mum, nearly tripping on the second to last stair.

'Mum, mum, mum! They accepted it! Look!' I place the laptop on top of her newspaper as she puts her mug of coffee down next to her. 

I wait impatiently next to her, my leg bouncing up and down on the spot as I wait for her reaction.  'Oh congrats honey. It's a bit last minute, you're leaving today and all but if you start packing now I'll come up and help soon. Joel should be home soon from his shoot so you can talk to him about the details'

I nod and grab my laptop off my mum's lap and rush upstairs, grabbing my suitcase out of the closet under the staircase on the way. It had been about 10 minutes of pulling out jumpers and clothes for me, my mum also coming to help when Joel, my older brother stood in the doorway of my room, 'So I guess Nate said yes?'

'Yes! I'm so excited Joel. I can't believe they accepted it' I say, shaking my head in disbelief. 

'I can't believe your school counts going on a world tour as work experience' Joel shrugs, leaning on the doorframe now.

'I'm filming and doing videography and that's what I want to do in the future, so technically, it is work experience. What? You not excited for me to come?' I ask, adding a folded white tee shirt into my suitcase. 

'Of course, I am! I missed you for the last few tours so I'm glad that you're coming along.' I smile at him as I stuff my bathers into the side pocket of my suitcase while my mum sorts out my toiletries.

'Alright, we're leaving in a couple of hours, I've already got both of our camera gear including your good camera' Joel says and I turn my head in confusion. 

'You only packed my camera because it's better than yours, not because I'm going. You would be taking it anyways, even if I didn't get accepted' I speak the truth and he nods. 


I roll my eyes as he walks down the hallway to his study and I continue to stuff as many clothes in as possible into the white suitcase.


'OK, thanks Nate.' I hang up the phone and go to open Instagram to search 'Ellie' in Joel's following on his profile when Coco walks into my room

'What was that about?' Coco appears in my doorway after hanging the phone up.

'Uh, this girl, Ellie is coming on tour with me as Joel's assistant. She's coming for work experience...' my voice mumbles off as Coco crosses her arms

'And let me guess, you're stalking her'

'She's Joel's younger sister...' I say again, not disagreeing with Coco.

I finally see her profile and I click on it to see the public Instagram profile. I tap onto her recent Instagram post as Coco comes to sit on the end of my hotel bed. I sit up and zoom in on her. She was absolutely stunning. As my mouth gaped open, Coco leans over my phone to look at the picture, 'Coco, look at her'

'You're in trouble. She's super pretty' Coco says in oblivion

'You think I don't know that?' my head flicks to her and she leans further over.

'How old is she?' Coco asks as  I tap out of her recent to look at her profile and Instagram bio


'Well, good luck. I just came up here because mum told me to tell you to double-check you've got everything' Coco ruffles my hair and I shake her off. 

'Yeah, yeah. I'll be fine'

I continue scrolling through her Instagram, still in awe of how beautiful she was. I finally put the phone down on my bed and pick up my guitar. I wasn't 100% sure about the chords for some of the songs since I actually didn't play them, so I strummed the strings until it was time to go to the airport to meet Ellie & the rest of the team


I brush my hair out one more time before putting my hairbrush in your suitcase, zipping it up and rolling it to the bedroom door. I pull my hair into 2 messy braids and then twirling it into a bun just above my neck. I pull out my phone to text Jade, my best friend in the world, more like my sister. I would probably be on FaceTime right now but she was in Europe somewhere for a family gathering and international calls and texts cost a lot.

I quickly swipe out of my Snapchat messages and pick my suitcase up when I hear my mum call Joel and I downstairs. I pick my heavy suitcase into the back of the car and call shotgun before Joel could even get his suitcase out the door. As I got closer and closer to the airport, I got more and more nervous. What if Ruel didn't even know that I was coming? What if Ruel didn't want me to come? What if Ruel didn't even think I was talented? So many thoughts went around myhead until it was too late and you were walking through customs and to gate 5.

'That's Nate, the one is the cap' I nod to Joel's comment as oI follow Joel to the crew and I introduce myself to everyone but Ruel. I couldn't find where he was until I saw a tall dirty blonde in a beanie taking pictures with some teenage girls.

'Ruel!' Nate calls out and he turns around quickly to say goodbye to the girls.

'Sorry, guys. I have to go. Thanks for saying hi' The girls smile and wave as he turns around and jogs over to us. 

He smiles around at everyone until I meet eye contact with him and then his eyes light up, as if he remembered something, 'Oh right, I'm Ruel,' he extends his hand and I take it. 

I shake his hand as I smile, 'I'm Ellie, nice to meet you'

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