48• Hope You Don't Get Airsick

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48• Hope You Don't Get Airsick

"BIG game tonight, huh Campbell?" DeShawn said as he walked into the locker room

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"BIG game tonight, huh Campbell?" DeShawn said as he walked into the locker room. He set his duffle bag down and then sat down, taking off the sandals he was wearing and getting ready to change into his basketball shoes.

I nodded while I tied my shoes, brand new shoes my mom had let me pick out for Christmas. Despite our struggles, my mom was more okay with my basketball than my father was. I'd chosen a pair of Nike Lebron Ambassador shoes that were black with a minimalist white design. I was kind of in love with these shoes. I could marry these shoes.

Tonight was a big night, and not just because it was the first game of the new year. It was big in the sense that tonight was the night that several coaches from different colleges across the country were coming to watch. We were one of the best teams in California and with our record and the amount of talent on the team including DeShawn, Zach, and Alexander (since we were all seniors), there were coaches lining up to watch us play. It was scouting season and I wanted nothing more than to be scouted.

I'd been dreaming about playing college basketball ever since I was a boy. My favorite schools were Duke, UCLA, and, of course, Gonzaga. To be honest, my favorite was Gonzaga by a longshot. There was no particular reason behind it. They were just a good team and I liked the location. Spokane, Washington seemed incredibly different from California, from Newport Beach. However, I liked the thought of getting out of California and moving to a new place. Somewhere I could escape my father's Mayoral path, somewhere I could follow my own path and create my own life.

The Gonzaga coach would be here tonight. It was making me nervous just thinking about it, but luckily for me, practices had been all-too amazing this week. I was more than prepared for this game, and knowing that Alex would be in the crowd watching me certainly made me even more motivated to kick some ass.

"Hell yeah, it's a big night!" Tyler yelled, coming into the locker room and throwing his duffle bag against the lockers. He quickly pulled his shirt off and searched his bag for his jersey. "It's never too early to start impressing college coaches. Right, Hotshot?"

I facepalmed myself. "Jesus, you did not just call me that."

Tyler laughed and Alexander walked into the locker room, winking at Tyler as he walked to the other bank of lockers. As Alex told me, they were still seeing each other in private. Tyler was nervous to come out to more people than just his family at the moment and needed more time to get comfortable with the idea of his sexuality. So, for now, they were being discreet. Though, I caught Tyler blushing before he slipped his jersey over his head.

"Dream school, Campbell, what is it?" Tyler asked.

"Three words," Zach said, "Gon. Za. Ga."

"It's one word, smart boy. But yes, Gonzaga," I said.

"Washington? Interesting," Tyler said, tilting his head at me. "You're thinking of leaving California, then?"

I shrugged to remain neutral. I didn't want Tyler to go off and tell Alex that I was planning on leaving in just a few months after graduation, especially since I couldn't even be sure that I would end up at Gonzaga. Tyler seemed to like me more since his big revelation, however, I wasn't completely sure whether or not he would run off and tell Alex things that might make her scared. I was almost positive that any sort of discussion regarding college and moving would scare Alex off. I knew she had commitment issues and relationships scared her. If she thought I would be leaving in a few months to somewhere over 1000 miles away, I couldn't be sure she wouldn't try to run away from me.

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