the drowning bird

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We were

We thought 
that we could 
do anything
and get away with it.

We thought
that we could
go anywhere
and no one
could stop us.

We were


How wrong we were.

When we took our first steps
The world held its breath,
Led us with clapping hands,
Excitement filled the air,
"This kid will soar someday".
We started our journey then,
Step by step, we learned to walk
And when we grew impatient,
We ran. And ran. And ran.
Faster. Further. Farther.
But the world didn't like that did it?
Because as we are just starting
To quicken our pace,
It struck us down,
Making us kneel on the ground.
Tasting our first fall.
We got up.
Feeling brave enough
To challenge fate.
The second fall was harder.
But giving up wasn't an option.
We started again.
Silently walking. Observant. Vigilant.
Scared, but not scared enough
Not to try again.
We put our feet one in front of the other.
Step by careful step.
Until we felt more sure.
Until we felt we can run again
But the ghost of the hand
That tripped our feet remained.
Constant, incessant doubt
Has crippled us.

We thought 
we could beat the world 
In its own game,

How naive we were.

We cannot walk any longer,
So we had to grow wings.
The process painful.
Shredding skin.
Realigning bones.
Far too heavy for our backs.
We don't know
If these things
Are meant to carry us
Or we are meant to carry them.
Nevertheless, we learned.
When we thought
We could reach the stars,
The world drew a line.
This is your boundary.
We're stuck 
In an imaginary cage.
We are only ever free
If we don't find
Where the bars are,
Where the gate is shut tight.
We are prisoners of norms.
The wardens unsleeping.
Our wings are, might as well,

In the end, the world won
It always does.

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