Chapter 1

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The dogs awoke to the sound of barking. Tanner and Alana were jerked from their slumber as the ferocious snarling increased. Tanner got up, as did Alana, and they both walked to the weeping willow leaves. Tanner and his mate peeked through the longs strands and could believe their eyes. A large gray and white wolffish figure was perched atop the highest peak of the food rock at the center if the clearing. Tanner's pack was on all sides of the rock snarling at the traitorous beast.
"Toshima." Alana whispered under her breath. She burst from the willow leaves barking, "Stop this! Stop this right now!" Alana ordered the dogs as they stared in awe at Alana, who had been hurt just the day before.
"Alana you're alright!" Tamika and Vera chirped in unison.
"What are you doing to this innocent creature!" Alana shrieked to the pack, "Stand down this instant!" The pack looked to Alana in shock.
"Alana it is a wolf! You stand down!" Beta growled to her.
Alana was furious, "This wolf tried to saw my life! And you all are snarling at her as if you wish to kill her!" Alana jumped to the food rock and glared down any dog who challenged her. "Toshima, it's me Alana. You tried to saw me from the wolves, do you remember?"
"Alana, you're alright. Thank Lupus. I wished I could've warned you sooner about my mate. He is a brute. I had to get away."
"Alana! What are you doing!" Tanner yelped over the crowd of dogs, "Get down from their this instant!"
"Tanner, this wolf tried to save me. She is a good wolf, not a bad one." Alana barked to him.
Toshima froze, staring at Tanner. Tanner glared at her, a feeling of warmth rushed through him. 'I know this wolf.' Tanner thought, '
"Tanner." Toshima whispered. "I cannot believe it's you."
"Who are you?" Tanner barked authoratively, "How do you know my name?"
"You must remember. You have to remember." Toshima barked, a slight hint of a whimper in her voice.
"Who are you!" Tanner was putting off the impression of being tough, though something inside him was frankly scared.
"The humans took you away from me! You must remember, Tanner!"
The whole pack of dogs was silent. Each one afraid to move a muscle, for fear of bursting the moment.
Tanner's mind reeled. Images of a wolf pack, fighting against humans, and Toshima attempting to grab Tanner, but before she could a metal rope clasped around his neck ad pulled him away from her. He stumbled a but before speaking.
"Mother." He whispered looking up to the wolf on the rock. Toshima yipped happily and scurried down the rock, ignoring the other dogs in the pack she raced toward Tanner, but before she made it Tanner passed out.

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