Origins: Iceshot - Part One

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Once again, Anna found herself watching the classic movie channel at three in the morning- her physics book open but neglected. She didn't sleep much anymore, and it had yet to really take a toll on her. So, she accepted it as just another weird quirk of her body, like the occasional zit on the back of the pinna. Bodies were weird like that.

What bothered her about the lack of sleep was that it didn't make her any more productive- It made her tired. Just not enough to sleep, and that sucked. She grabbed a couple of corn chips and stuffed them into her mouth as James Cagney danced across the screen singing "Yankee Doodle." It wasn't her favorite movie but it was better than watching the shopping channel. She grabbed another pair of chips. It was going to be a wild night.


An hour's sleep was good enough. No matter what, she was up by six to make sure she ate something before her long day of deliveries, archery practice, and her classes at Victory U. She pried herself from the couch and stepped into her bedroom where her bed was untouched and still made. At times, she wondered why she even owned one. She loved the comforter though, a lovely slate grey zigzagged with bluish-grey stripes. She realized she had been staring at it for longer than she had intended, and felt a hot flash of self-awareness. She quickly shook it off and made her way to her closet.

Fifteen minutes later she was out the door, bow and arrows strapped to her bike, ready to ride fast for cash.


Her eyes scanned the whiteboard in the lounge of Comet Couriers, and her index finger traced a path just slightly off the surface, diligent about not erasing any of the markings. She found her herself under "B., Anna" and was pleased to see that she had some deliveries scheduled for today. No waiting around for walk-ins. She grabbed a cup of coffee from the machine in the lounge and polished it off quickly. Jessie, her boss, strode up next to her, punching in his order. The coffee began to dispense.

"Morning Anna, ready to go?"

"Yep, just had my coffee."

Jessie picked up his cup and blew in it. "Just give me about five minutes and I'll get your envelopes."

He made his way to the front desk, drink in hand, and marveled at his ass. He didn't ride as much as he used to since he took over managing Comet, but he was still in great shape- even if obscured by jeans. Great shape. She ran her fingers through her silky black hair and bit her bottom lip. She always wondered how he'd look with his shirt off. She flushed a bit and went back to the coffee machine for another small cup. One day she'd work up the nerve to ask him out, once she had her degree. She scalded the tip of her tongue slightly. Good job, Anna.


As foolish as it sounded, the thing Anna was not really prepared for when she took the courier job was all the riding she would actually be doing. Even though the bulk of the businesses in Victory City that required couriers were centralized downtown, there were the odd few businesses elsewhere. Unfortunately for Anna, she had a number of those to contend with today.

So far she had traveled from Saybrook to Lyme, only to make her way back to the office to take some remaining parcels to East Madison. She was incredibly fortunate to find a street vendor selling taquitos as she was crossing through Madison. Eat and ride, Anna. Eat and ride. Time was money.

In truth, she didn't need the job, or at least the money from it. Her parents were kind enough to help her out and more than willing to support her. Really, the courier job was an escape from herself. She had hoped that maybe, one day, she could be tired enough to get some regular sleep. As tired as she was already, she was likely going to be watching classic movies again all night.

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